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10 Fun, Unique, and Interactive Kansas City Wedding Ideas that Your Guests Will Love

Looking for fun and interactive elements to add to your wedding day? Unique experiences that will give your guests something to interact with during a cocktail hour or while you're off taking photos, leaving them speechless and wowed? How about something totally Instagramable, worthy of all those wedding magazines or blogs you follow, while also supporting a local small business? Well my friend, look no further! I've gathered up 10 different types of food & beverage trucks local to Kansas City who would love to make an appearance on your big day!

1. Wild Way Coffee

What Is It and Why I love it - Kansas City's first coffee camper, using sustainably sourced coffee and tea, crafting drinks with local and organic ingredients. I love this setup for its uber-cute camper style, incredibly kind staff, seriously tasty drinks, and ability to customize drinks for your special day.

Photos By Jill Caren Photo

2. Betty Raes Ice Cream Truck

What Is It and Why I love it - "Our truck is an ice cream shop on wheels: we carry 15 flavors (the most popular from the shop plus a few vegan flavors) in cups or cones; sundaes with caramel and fudge and an assortment of toppings; and root beer floats. Gluten-free cones are on board, and ice cream sandwiches, cookies, brownies, waffle cones and anything else from our store menu is available for a small additional charge." Betty Raes is hands down my FAVORITE Kansas City ice cream (where my lavender honey ice cream fans at?!). With vegan and gluten-free options, there's something for all ice cream fans! I love this setup for its colorful truck, tons of flavor options, and overall deliciousness.

Photos By Jill Caren Photo

3. The Funnel Cake Truck

What Is It and Why I love it - "Kansas City dessert food truck for corporate, school & special events Funnel Cakes, Deep Fried Snickers, Twinkies, Oreos. Order Cotton Candy & Popcorn". This food truck is awesome for late-night snacks! What I love about this setup, lots of food options, passionate & fun owner, and dessert creativity.

Photos By Jill Caren Photo

4. Seven Swan Crêperie

What Is It and Why I love it - Fresh, local, organic crêpes. What I love about this setup is its cute crêpe truck, healthier dessert option (if there is such a thing!), and worldly inspiration.

Photos from Seven Swans Crêperie

5. KC Prosecco Truck

What Is It and Why I love it - "The KC Prosecco truck is a refurbished Piaggio Ape, pronounced “Ah-Peh” (Italian for “bee”). Born in 1977, our Piaggio Ape was a tiny (and we mean tiny) work truck maneuvering around the tight, cobblestone streets of Milan, Italy. With a small truck bed, one seat, and just three-wheels, it hauled countless loads of olives for its original owner. Since making the journey from Italy to Miami to Kansas City, the Ape has had some work done. Now fully custom renovated and rebuilt, it’s equipped to cater and entertain as the KC Prosecco Truck." What I love about this setup is its chic white and gold aesthetic, small frame with the ability to fit at any venue, and overall fun alternative to traditional cocktail hour.

Photos from KC Prosecco Website, By Alyssa Barletter

6. Bubble Tap KC

What Is It and Why I love it- "The Bubble Tap Trailer by Tap Trailer Co. is the first mobile bubbly bar in the U.S., owned and operated by two effervescent sisters who bring fizz and style to celebrations, events and festivals. Based in Los Angeles, the buzzy new concept has sparked a fast-growing national franchise business serving up prosecco and other bubbly offerings on tap from its signature mobile bar crafted from a fully renovated vintage camper." What I love about this setup is their crazy cute vintage camper styler, female-owned and operated with a mission to empower more female business owners, and overall fun and unique alternative to a traditional cocktail hour.

Photos from Bubble Tap KC Website

7. Fizzolino

What Is It and Why I love it - "We’re a mobile bartending service dispensing goodness through the streets of the City of Fountains, and we can’t wait to pour you a drink. The Fizz loves to party! We’re a Prosecco truck, an adorable kegerator on wheels, a piece of Italy’s la dolce vita, and we’re available to book for whatever your heart desires. If you’re looking for something both totally adorable and booze-filled for your party, Fizzolino can do the job, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any private event, really." What I love about this setup is its drink versatility, husband and wife owned and operated, and endless photo opportunities!

Photos from Fizzolino

8. Go Go Candy Co

What Is It and Why I love it - "GoGo Candy Co. is Kansas City's cutest (and only) candy shop on wheels! Surprise your party guests with a party favor or dessert experience they'll be telling their friends about!" What I love about this setup is its candy selection, services (either candy truck or will build you a candy bar), and options that can please any wedding guests from young to old.

Photos from Go Go Candy Co

9. Cotton Tale KC with Cookies & Creamery

What Is It and Why I love it - "We're proud to offer the best all-natural cotton candy event service in the country; and now, a second brand that offers specialty ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies, hand-rolled in unique toppings!" What I love about this setup is its dessert variety, option to interact with drinks, size of their operation, and efforts to remain non-artificial! Their cotton candy is dye-free, dairy-free, nut-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, allergy-free, and some flavors are even certified Kosher!

Photos from Cotton Tale KC and Cookies & Creamery

10. Cowtown Mini Donuts KC

What Is It and Why I love it - "We are a mobile food truck in Kansas City that offers coffee and mini donuts!" What's not to love about coffee and mini donuts?! What I love about this setup is its unique flavors, mini-sized desserts, and truck style for photo opportunities.

Photos from Cowtown Mini Donuts KC


Bonus Idea - KC Flower Truck

What Is It and Why I love it - "We wheel beautiful blooms around the Kansas City Metro area in our cute vintage flower truck. Build Your Own Bouquet!" My last guest interactive unique wedding truck is this stylish flower truck! Not only could they handle the bouquets for your wedding day, but they could also hang around and help your guests create their own beautiful bouquets! A vendor, guest activity, and favor all rolled into one awesome local business.

And there you have it! My top 10 food and beverage trucks to help set your Kansas City wedding day apart from any other. What was your favorite truck? Comment below and let me know! Make sure you follow @jillstuefer on Instagram and @jillcarenphoto on Pinterest for more wedding inspiration and photography. Until next time, happy wedding planning 👋

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