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Create In Me A New Heart

“Create In Me A New Heart” it’s really funny how some things work out. I recently collaborated with one my personal fav brands, @walkinlove to shoot this super comfy tee. This tee wasn’t what I initially envisioned for my shoot, but it’s what founder @tjmousetis sent me. I reflected on this passage in Psalms 51 and it couldn’t have described my life any better. It states clearly how I was conscious of my rebellion and all the wrong I was doing, whatever punishment I would receive is fair. But by His Grace I desired to be made clean. I asked that He set a new song in my heart so that my once broken bones will dance! I can’t tell you how much I identify with asking for this renewal. This renewal was only made possible by the One who went before me and died for my rebellion. This weekend I don’t want to take for granted the opportunity I have to ask for this renewal. So here’s to having a new heart created in me, Happy Easter Weekend Friends 👋 #iwearwalkinlove #walkinlove

Visit Walk In Love for some seriously awesome faith fueled apparel! And shoutout to my little sister for always being down for some time in front of the camera. Walk in Love has been long time one of my personal favorite brands to support. Not only is there stuff stylish, modest/fits well, and super comfortable I love the vision behind each piece. There's always a deeper story to each shirt and I'm proud to be representing that story.


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