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Happy Birthday Beans

Today is our little handsome's 2nd birthday! And we celebrated in the grandest fashion. Special treats from his favorite spot, Three Dog Bakery including some blueberry biscuit bites and peanut butter ice cream cup.

This guy lives the DREAM! He loves his new house in the city and all the walks he gets to take. He also is loving his new dog park and doggie friends. Since his move to the city he's been able to socialize and make new friends, including a pot belly pig! Beans can sit, stay, lay down and even shake. He's a great model for me and seriously LOVES the camera. He snorts, farts and loves to give kisses. Beansy, we could imagine life without you, you're always good for a laugh and you make life a that much more enjoyable.


You Can Follow Beans on Instagram: @Beansthefrenchton

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