Location Frustration

Want know a secret? I was SO frustrated prior to this shoot! And so was this little cuties mom too. But miss Eleven was the happiest baby around. It was prom weekend in Kansas City ( I missed the memo) and it happened to be just beautiful outside. Pretty much the perfect recipe for people flooding to all the lovely places in KC. We circled Loose Park 3 times before moving onto location B, in the hopes of finding a parking spot and getting that sweet grin in front of the rose garden. We ended up at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, parking blocks away and carrying all the necessities for a photographer and 1 year old.

^ Us finally getting to location like ^

Once we got to the Nelson people were EVERYWHERE doin their prom thing. So we chose a quiet bench in an abandoned corner. There were no flowers (except dead ones) and no pretty art sculptures, no props or anything grand. There was a bench, some cedar trees, and a beautiful smiling little girl.

And ya know what?

I think we may have gotten the best photos of the day:

My point with expressing our location frustration, is to inspire you. Anything can be seen as beautiful, nothing is ordinary if you choose to see it as extraordinary. You can't control everything in a creative setting, I can only control myself. I can control how I interact with my clients, how I handle stress, how I use my camera, how I see things with my eye. I can control my perspective, and that is everything. These are incredible God given tools to control each session, and this session helped me truly understand that lesson.

Thank you Eleven for just being you and helping me find this inspiration. You are such a blessing to your mom and dad. I love watching your mommy light up when she talks about you or shows pictures of you. You're turning 1 and girl, you are SO LOVED. You're beautiful and precious.....

and I'm totally jelly of your bunny shoes.

Forever Seeing Things Differently,

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