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Evan Loves Saryn

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I recently hosted a 2K Giveaway on my Instagram thanking all of my followers for sticking it out with me. And these two were the lucky winners! Evan and Saryn were so entirely deserving and we clicked right away. I think I about cried when I got the DM to say thank you. I remember sitting in my living room chair getting all misty-eyed and telling Cory to read what was on my phone. It's moments like these that I know I've been called to so much more with this whole photography thing.

Now, the Midwest doesn't have the most incredible picturesque photo backdrops, I'll admit it. But it does have a bunch of killer summer light and some of the best people around. Meet Saryn and Evan, Kansas lovers & bride and groom-to-be. We wanted to mash a PNW vibe with their Midwest roots, shooting at Burr Oaks in Blue Springs Missouri helped us achieve the look. The cicadas sang us a love song while they danced, laughed, reminisced about their first cliché movie date, kissed while the sunset and dreamed of the day they become one, this next January. It may have been some 90+ degrees when we started, but the love between them was hotter!

I'm honored to have shot their engagement session and can't wait for their wedding!

Spreading the Love,

Jill Caren

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