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Mika + Drew + Pizza

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

"I like you more than pizza... and I REALLY like pizza"

Mika and Drew were kind enough not only to share a few sweet moments but also their PIZZA with me!!! This session was an absolute dream come true in every way. Mika actually found me on Instagram and brought the idea to me. From the moment she slid into my DM's I was ALL IN on this pizza session; determined to live out every foodies/creatives/photographer's dream. We were lucky enough to partner with a local Kansas City studio and pizza shop for the session (links at the bottom). We drank rosé, giggled over Mika's love for Ranch Dressing, listened to some boujee music, and made some magic on a Sunday afternoon. ​

Instagram is so funny in the way it connects people. From the moment I walked into our session, it felt like we already knew each other! We almost forgot to exchange the "oh hi, I'm Jill nice to meet you" moment because we were both so comfortable. I LOVE this feeling, connecting and firing on all cylinders with another creative. We discussed the vision and feel of the session before we met, I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot, how I wanted to shoot it, what the emotion I wanted to evoke, and Mika helped curate all those details. A complete collaborative effort that absolutely paid off for both of us. I say all of this to encourage you to reach out. Make friends. Bring your visions to life. Don't live worried about rejection, find someone who matches your weird and make it happen.

Embrace Your Weird,

Jill Caren Stuefer

Follow Mika on Instagram: @layersnlipstick

Studio: Market Studio KC

Pizza: 1889 Pizza Napoletana

Wine: Josh Cellars Wine

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