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Will Loves Mariah

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I don't really know how, but I walk away from each engagement session thinking "wow this is my best yet" and Will + Mariah's session was certainly no exception!! So grateful for these two who took time out of their memorial day weekend to shoot with me at a brand new location! I love that Mariah took ownership of our time together. She found this spot and new exactly what she wanted. I get excited by little things like this because it shows that my brides truly value what we can create together. I also get excited when I see my grooms putting in work. I have to give Will some major props, this guy practiced his smile and made sure to take face stretching breaks in between sets. I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!! As funny as it was, it's the intention behind in it that tugged on my heart. To me it meant: this dude LOVES his girl. He wanted to be hist absolute best for her, because he knew these were important to her.

Straight up, as a wedding and couples photographer I know that guys are less than excited about a photo session. And I take zero offense to this, my own husband doesn't like to have his photo taken!! I GET IT. But when a guy shows up with a great attitude, is super involved and puts in his best effort all to make his girl smile, that speaks volumes to me. And to be totally honest, almost 99% of the time the guys who do this walk away saying "wow that was actually fun" or "hey that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, I can't wait for our wedding day now". Giving my couples a chance to experience photography in a fun, comfortable, and unique is something I'm proud to hang my hat on. YOU CAN LOOK THIS GOOD TOO!!!! It's not the setting nor the outfits, nor the light. It's how comfortable you can feel with a photographer and what emotions you can lean into during that time. It's not magic. And it's not only reserved for mega instagram stars. Everyone and every couple deserves to be seen as beautiful. Because that's what marriage is intended to be, a beautiful commitment.

I can't wait for Will and Mariah's wedding day this winter. We might not go chase any waterfalls but we will FOR SURE capture more of their genuine love.

Couple at Sunset
Sunset Engagement Photos
Couple Hugging in Black and White

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