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Craig Loves Megan

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I look at these photos of Craig and Megan and start signing the summer lovin' Grease song in my head! It was SO hot on the evening of their July engagement session here in Kansas City, but you wouldn't be able to tell!! This couple was cool, calm, collected, and totally not sweaty, unlike yours truly. We had such a good time getting to know each other even better and exploring downtown KC. Starting out at The Scout with the goodest boy, Buddy, Megan and Craig we're so wise to enlist the help of a sweet friend to take Buddy home after his photos were finished. - Smooth move you guys, smooth move - Then we enjoyed the cutest cup of coffee at Quay Coffee, a special shout-out to Quay for staying open a few minutes later for us to shoot! And wandered around the River Market district until the sun went down. I love that Megan and Craig came to me with a couple of ideas but ultimately trusted my vision and suggestions for location. After living all over the U.S. and finally calling Kansas City home, they for sure wanted an iconic shot of downtown. They also really wanted to grab a drink since they're both coffee lovers. They wanted Buddy to be a part of the photos as well as a formal look and a more casual look. All of this equaled the perfect night and photos that truly reflect their relationship. I think a full team collaboration between myself and my couple to decide things like what to wear, where to go, what the emotion is etc. is crucial to you really loving both the session and the images after.

Pro Tip: Shoot with your engagement photos with whoever you've chosen to capture your wedding day.

Why do I offer a complimentary engagement session with all my wedding packages? Because I value the time we get together before your wedding day. I like to treat your engagement session as a trial run to your wedding day. I learn what makes your relationship so unique. What makes you comfortable or uncomfortable. You learn how I work behind the camera. By the time your wedding day arrives, you'll feel SO AT EASE in front of my camera, I pinky promise. You'll even remember a few of the prompts and directions I gave during your engagement session. Your wedding day will go that much smoother because we've already built our comfort-ability.


Look, the truth is none of us expect you to be models. Having a camera in your face is super awkward. Not knowing what to do with your hands is literally a fear that lives within all of us, myself included! So, there are no expectations I'm looking for you to meet. I just want the opportunity to get to know you, show you how I work, and create some serious digital magic for you to hold onto forever. Ready to book your wedding day AND engagement session?

Let's grab a drink or ice cream or even Taco Bell (my love language) and talk about what kind of non-awkward magic we can make together.

I Want Non-Awkward Photos

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