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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider In-Home Photos for Your Engagement Session

Recently I was asked during a consultation phone call if in their home could be a potential location for the couple's engagement session, to which I promptly responded HECK YES! I love love love photographing couples in their homes and this blog post is all about why you should consider having a photoshoot in your home too!

1. Comfortability

Many couples I get to work with often express being nervous or feeling awkward about having their photo taken. Especially when it comes to the groom! I totally relate to this feeling as Cory and I aren't the most "cool, calm, and collected" in front of the camera either. But an easy way to eliminate those uneasy feelings is to start your session in your own home! This automatically puts most couples at ease because this is their domain, it's a place they already feel comfortable, a place they have history. Being in a home also gives lots of options for fun poses and things to interact with instead of just standing in an open field or at a park. You can sit on the counter, lay on the couch, wrestle on the floor, dance in the kitchen, make and eat your favorite dish together, really let your hair down, and just be yourselves in your favorite place.

2. Casual

Some couples stress over the idea of "what on earth are we going to wear?!" Having a photo session in your home can make this decision so much easier. There's really no need to go all out with fancy outfits. You can relax, wear your favorite pair of jeans or heck even pajamas, go barefoot or cute slippers whatever says "I'm at home with the love of my life" to you and rock it! Casual outfits also allow you to let loose and do some really fun poses. Certain outfits and shoes can often limit the amount of movement or variety in photos but if you're just chilling in something uber comfortable, you now have the option to get a little silly!

3. Unique

While helpful, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for engagement or couples photoshoot inspiration can easily become both overwhelming and mundane. So many couples photo sessions can start to look the same all thanks to social media for always putting "trending content" on our feeds. And sure, a beautiful mountainscape backdrop with the wind effortlessly blowing your maxi dress can be epic, to me there's something even more special about the uniqueness of being in your own home. In-home sessions also offer you the opportunity to incorporate traditions that are unique to your relationship, like your favorite donut shop or local craft beer. These photos will undoubtedly be wholly unique to you and you only! They're not ordinary photos of you two at one of the popular spots downtown Kansas City or in a park that means nothing to your relationship. Instead, these moments are captured on the floor you walk every morning as you make coffee for your significant other, the couch you sit on and binge watch shows together, the front porch you carry groceries through together, these are moments captured in the one place your love can be raw and real, your home.

4. Pets

Speaking as one, pet parents love any opportunity to include their four-legged kiddos in photoshoots. Bringing a pet to a session can be a lot of work and stress. Making sure you have a pet handler, treats, leash, and more, plus getting them to cooperate in a new location is so much to consider when wanting your pets in photos. But by having some of your engagement photos at your home, you've taken out most of the stress for both yourselves and your pet! You already have all the supplies needed, no need for a pet handler, and your pet is already in its most familiar place.

5. Intimate

Finally, having a photo session in your home offers an intimacy that you just can't really achieve anywhere else. Often in public places, there are other people enjoying the day, taking in the sites, or even other photo sessions happening. Having a crowd watching you can heighten what already feels like an awkward situation. However in-home sessions allow for couples to be as close and cuddly as they're comfortable because it's just us!


And there you have it! My 5 reasons why you and your partner should consider having in-home engagement or couples photos for your next shoot! Personally, I LOVE capturing in-home sessions and you can see more sessions I've captured in the Couples Sessions section of my blog. What's stopping you from getting cute and cuddly in front of the camera in your home? Honestly, you don't even need to be engaged, you can totally book a session just to document your home life or to celebrate whatever stage of your relationship you're in. If we can take anything away from #quarantinelife it's that our homes are a versatile safe haven and deserve to be celebrated! So let's get comfy on your couch, BOOK YOUR CUTE 'N CUDDLY IN-HOME SESSION NOW!

Couple Popping Champagne Outside House, Engagement Photos Kansas City

Shoutout to Drew, Katherine, and sweet Charlie boy for inviting me into their home, sharing lots of laughs and donuts with me. Can't wait for you two to tie the knot this year!

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