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Adam Loves Caroline and The Girls

Love is messy. Love is fluid. Love takes time. Love takes patience. Love takes persistence. But in the end, love is worth all that it is and all that it takes.

I couldn't think of a more incredible example of what love takes than Adam and Caroline. Their journeys took all the above and more but I doubt they would trade a moment of it for the happiness they get to live in now. I'm so grateful for the perfectly imperfect afternoon we all spent together at a local Kansas City Airbnb, Garden of Growth. It honestly had been a year or two since I spent an afternoon photographing small children and I was nervous! But form the moment I walked in I was instantly greeted with warm smiles, eager anticipation, and such a willingness to lean into whatever creative direction I had. Adam and Caroline's love was easy to document. Their love is effortless, gentle, and so beautifully unspoken. It's felt in a look, a soft touch, in the spirit of the room they're both in. It's seen in the way they parent, the way they speak, the way they listen and the way they've created a family unit.

My favorite part of this in-home family session is knowing I'm not done documenting their love! These two will say I do in front of their friends and family this fall and I can't wait to be a part of it. Afternoons like these make me so thankful for the gifts I've been given.

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