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A Classically Romantic Spring Wedding Day at 1890 Event Space in Kansas City

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I met Alex on Instagram (pretty much my favorite place to meet people these days) and then via Skype. I was completely overjoyed that they were even considering me (little ole me) to shoot their wedding! I knew something was special about them during our engagement session. Mainly because they were willing to meet me for a SUNRISE session on one of the coldest mornings in October. We laughed and they danced among the beautifully fall-painted leaves. I remember coming home giddy and telling my husband that I had hit the JACKPOT with these two.

Alex and Grady have the kinda story movies are written about it: While both on deployment overseas, both on opposite sides of the world, they sent in fingerprints and received each other’s engraved on a ring. Grady wore this ring with Alex’s name and fingerprint around his neck for years before their wedding day. TRUE STORY. This is just one small intimate detail in their long and amazing story. It was an honor to be a part of their day, their friends, and family. Alex and Grady took a chance on me and I will be forever grateful to them. They are my first wedding of 2018 and my first ever solo wedding. These two saw something in me and my work that I didn't even see at the time. Because of them I'm now featured on Wandering Weddings and have weddings booked into 2019! They will never know how much I treasure March the 3rd 2018, not nearly as much as they do, but maybe a far off 2nd lol. So here is a snapshot of their day and now cue ugly crying because it’s just so sweet and I can’t deal 😭😭😭


Location: 1890KC

Event Coordinator: Pretty & Planned

Decor Rental: Ultrapom

Hair & Makeup: Corie Hair and Makeup

Brides Dress: BHLDN

Bridesmaids Skirts: Reverly

Floral: Land of Ah'z


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