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An Adventurous Boho Engagement Session

Jake and Becky are a couple of long-distance cuties who I had the absolute pleasure of photographing while they were both together in Kansas City. Our session was the epitome of a pin or insta-worthy boho hipster fall engagement photoshoot and believe me, I was there for it. Their outfits were on point, the location was a stunner, the weather was perfect and the lighting couldn't have been better. Our session, in my opinion, is worthy of all the blogs, all the shares, all the inspiration! It was beautifully curated and thought out, the only thing that couldn't be planned was the genuine chemistry between the three of us.

I didn't expect to relate to Jake and Becky as much as I did. Being a partner of a long-distance relationship there were SO MANY challenges I had forgotten about when they would speak of them. But at the same time, I was so encouraged by their attitudes, their ability to communicate, and the raw desire to just be with each other that weekend. There's truly something to the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" that I've somewhat taken for granted now being married almost 5 years. Reliving this incredible fall engagement session made me take a stroll down memory lane. I really appreciated all that Cory and I learned during our time as long-distance boyfriend and girlfriend. Long-distance is HARD there's no doubt about it. But I believe if a couple can make it through the challenges long-distance brings, then they've created a very solid foundation to build their marriage upon.

A part of me was sad knowing I won't be photographing Jake and Becky's destination wedding. I truly loved our time together and valued getting to know them and their relationship. But I'm confident, regardless of whoever their photographer is, their wedding will be BEAUTIFUL; both ascetically and spiritually. These two souls are meant to be together and I cannot wait to see how they take on the world as husband and wife. My absolute best wishes to you both!

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