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Brewery Engagement Photos in the Crossroads Kansas City

I always like to start my engagement sessions casually, especially if it's our first time meeting in person. Sometimes that looks like taking a quick stroll down memory lane at one of your first date locations for a beer. Robby and Tara love both craft breweries and Kansas City, so Brewery Emperial was a great place for us to start. We sipped on some local brews in the heart of the crossroads as the summer sun began to set. Combine everything being within walking distance, different types of city backdrops galore, beautiful golden hour light, and liquid courage and you've got yourself a recipe for some seriously perfect engagement photos.

I've really loved looking back and remembering my time with Robby and Tara. These two flew in from Georgia to tour their venue and meet with me. It's been an absolute honor working with these two as they've navigated COVID-19 together. Robby and Tara were my first 2020 couple affected by the Stay At Home order. They've handled everything with such grace and level-headedness. While we're all unsure of what the rest of 2020 holds, I'm confident in one thing; Robby and Tara will become husband and wife. Recently I posted a somewhat controversial post on my Instagram, "Would You Downsize Your Wedding Day?". More than anything I wanted to open up some dialogue with brides around their options. With quarantine orders beginning to lift around the country I'm faced with two emotions. Emotion one being pure joy that things will begin to normalize for our world, and emotion two being anxiety around knowing things can't just change overnight. Tara was one of my brides who leaned in with me and got vulnerable with where she and Robby are at:

"We’re definitely on board for downsizing. We had to reschedule once and to be honest at this point we just want to celebrate our love however that looks. The more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve come to realize that a smaller ceremony helps you focus on what’s truly important- the fact that we’re saying yes to each other without a show. It’s not about the flowers and the decor (although I love that part too) but it’s about the commitment and promise for the future."

This response literally brought tears to my eyes. Reading thoughts like this only confirm for me further that each of my couples is truly "my kind of people". This speaks VOLUMES as to the heart of their relationship and how much they value their soon-to-be marriage over a wedding day. My response to Tara was simple, "LOVE your heart Tara!! Thank you for leaning in with me and sharing where you and Robby are at. You guys are my people 😭😍 can’t wait for July and whatever that day holds." - I meant every word. Regardless of what July brings, I'll be proud to be by their sides as a witness to their new life.

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