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An Intimate Mirco-Wedding in the Crossroads of Kansas City, Missouri

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Despite extraordinary circumstances, love is not canceled.

Meet Brett and Amy. As many couples had to navigate how to marry in the midst of a global pandemic, they decided no matter what it looked like, they wanted to be husband and wife. We spoke options and came to their perfect plan B; an intimate church ceremony with their parents, their minister, and me. As of this past Wednesday evening, their church was unfortunately vandalized during the protests and they were left with their plan B destroyed. Around 10 pm that evening I began to message venue after venue and space after space trying to find this couple a few options for a safe place to say their vows. We were blessed by the incredible owners of Buffalo Mane who stepped up in our 11th hour. Friday, Amy and I went to the space to arrange what plants, chairs, and rugs they already had and to talk through a new vision for their wedding day. I’ll never forget the vulnerability as Amy stood back and had a moment of realization that while this is not what she pictured, this was still IT.

Saturday arrived and was one of the most beautiful and intimate wedding days I've ever had the honor to be a part of. Amy put on her wedding dress in a vintage Airstream that has been converted into a mobile barbershop (yes, the one seen on Queer Eye!). Their friends and family joined from their homes on a zoom call. Their minister knew them so well he wrote their custom vows. Brett saw his bride arm in arm with both her parents in a building he’d never stepped foot in or knew of its existence before that weekend. The moments were raw, the emotions were real, but most importantly, the love was not canceled. Instead, it was celebrated in the most perfectly imperfect way.

This was a story of love that proves no global pandemic nor countrywide protests could stop the love between two people. This story shows to the wedding industry that maybe we don't need all the bells and whistles and that if you hire the right photographer A LOT can be told in only two hours. But most importantly this story reminds us all to reprioritize what's important in life. Maybe things aren't what you thought they would be, but still, we should make the most of it.

Thank you, Brett and Amy, for allowing me to witness and tell this story. I cannot wait to celebrate even more later this summer. You two have shown me what persistence looks like and have given us all an amazing reminder of the power of love.


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