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Creative Engagement Photos with Jon and Chelsea

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I remember getting Chelsea's email about her vision for their engagement photos like yesterday. Why? Because she said "we want to wear jeans, t-shirts, and our vans" and I was like "DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!". I knew everything about this session was going to be SO COOL from that moment forward. We danced, shot-gunned some beers, rode Bird Scooters, sat beside a vintage Air Stream, basically did all this cool. But the raddest part about their photos is they truly are the best visual representation of Jon and Chelsea's love. They even said mid-session that they're not very romantic or lovey-dovey! I'm always going to be most proud as a photographer when I can A. serve my clients in a way that's completely unique to them and B. deliver quality images that best shows that uniqueness. And with this session, I'm one proud photog-mama.

It's no joke, I get emotionally attached and invested in the photos I take. I remember the emotion I felt when I clicked the shutter. I hear the laughs, I feel the warmth of an embrace, I know the answer to the question of "what first attracted to your person". I'm a sucker to relive all of these feelings and it gives me the best kind of self-proclaimed photographers high! But even more than that, when I see my couples equally loving their gallery after its been delivered it makes me want to fight for them even harder. To quote Chelsea directly...

"JilllllllllThese are SO AMAZING! Thank you thank you! We are so excited! Yay I can’t wait to utilize these :) woo!"
"We appreciate you shooting more pics of us :) I’ve had so so many compliments on the crossroads ones! I am so excited !"

It just doesn't get any better than receiving these types of messages. I'm humbled by each story I have the opportunity to tell. And for Jon and Chelsea's story, I can't wait to see what life brings them. They're truly a special and unique kind of fun love that I'm inspired by. The best part??? THIS WAS JUST PART 1. (Scroll for Part 2)


Breaking in a little later than anticipated (but better late than never)... Part 2 of Jon and Chelsea's engagement session in Kansas City!

With an entirely new vibe and very boho feel Jon and Chelsea look as though they've been swept away to the rolling plateaus and open fields of Utah for the second half of their engagement session. We shot late in the summer evening with humidity at all times high even for midwest standards! Jon and Chelsea ran among the tall grass, picked wildflowers, danced on the tree-covered bluffs, and giggled into the evening. To wrap up their engagement photos they leaned into a creative vision I had, shooting in the dark! Scroll down to see the incredible results!

I love that my couples let me stretch my creative muscles even when it seems unconventional. There's an entirely different mood to the images we created after the sun had set and I don't know about you, but I'm Here For It! My couples keep pushing the envelope and I'm in love with their drive. You guys never disappoint, in fact, you constantly inspire me to do more.

Are you ready to lean into new vision for your engagement photos?

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