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A Fun and Flirty Engagement Session in Downtown Kansas City

As a Kansas City-based wedding and elopement photographer I've learned blogs, blog titles, keywords etc. are critical for couples to find me. And while they're important to the success of my business, I've always wanted those things to also be reflective of what is shown. Basically, I don't want to draw readers in with strategic keywords only to let them down by not fulfilling that content promise. So when sitting here, thinking of the perfect blog title for my engagement session with Will and Jordan naturally all the wedding industry buzz words started to fill my head. But as scanning the newly uploaded & organized adorable portraits it hit me pretty quickly what my title should be; fun and flirty! A scroll through this blog post and you'll also quickly agree with me, these engagement photos are 10/10 FUN and 10/10 super cute and flirty. But what you don't see are all the moments I would prompt Will to "attack Jordan with kisses like Cookie Monster after a cookie" and the moments he would happily lean in smooch his wife to be. You don't hear him say how much he loves to "attack her with kisses" with the biggest grin. You don't hear or feel both of their infectious laughs as they flirt, hold hands, run fingers through hair, swing dance, or snuggle. These are moments I get to tell you through my words and hope you can begin to feel the weight and reality of my title.

Today's post is a huge learning moment. A time to gather perspective on the little things. Things I could easily overlook or not put intentional time behind. Yet instead I'm reminded every day of the honor it is to serve my couples and how important the little things are. I think the biggest learning moment of this entire year has been that we all need to choose our words with intentionality. Whether it's on social media, how you speak to a store clerk, how you navigate uncomfortable or difficult conversations, how you speak to your spouse, or simply how you title a blog post. Our words can have such a power, and it's how we choose to use that compelling storytelling power that can make an enormous difference.

Will and Jordan,

My prayer for you is that you always choose your words with heavy intentionality. This fall you're embarking on the next chapter of your relationship as husband and wife. You both have an opportunity to use your new experiences and your words for good. I cannot wait to hear the powerful words you choose to vow to one another on your wedding day. I know they'll be fun and possibly flirty, but I also know they will be drenched in the love of God.

See you cuties in October!


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