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In-Home Engagement Photos with Joel and Madison

There's just something about in-home couples sessions that make them unlike any other. I can't put my finger on if it's the coziness and comfortability of the every day or if it's the intimacy and connection felt between every item in the frame. Whatever the magic is, I'm here for it!

Joel and Madison flew in from New Orleans for their engagement photos in Kansas City. I once again borrowed the home of Garden of Growth and let their vintage and boho decor set the vibe. Wildly enough, Kansas City experienced a monster snowstorm on the weekend of Joel and Madison's session, but thankfully we had already prepared for colder temps.

As a wedding photographer, you quickly learn that Mother Nature cannot be trusted so you must be able to adapt. After all, a wedding day isn't canceled or rescheduled due to rain, cold weather, snow, or insane amounts of humidity. To some, these natural elements might be considered inconveniences. However, to me, they are simply opportunities to challenge myself creatively and relationally. How can I still create the most beautiful photographs? How can I still serve my client and all their needs? How can I fulfill the promises I made even though this environment isn't ideal? These are all questions I've leaned into and overcame during my wedding photography career. I've shot in snowstorms, through rain clouds, on extremely windy days, even on days so hot you thought you could melt. But none of these elements stopped me from creating for my clients, and they never will.

The snow certainly tried to upset Joel and Madison's session but it had no chance! With endless Instagramable corners form the most adorable Airbnb, this in-home session ended up being one of my favorites to date.

Photo Tip: Snow can be your best lighting friend! Light bounces or reflects off of the color white while it is absorbed and muted by darker colors. So snowy weather during your engagement session day can be a win if you're prepared. In this instance, the snow reflected all the mid-day light which helped to make the natural window light reach further, the interior rooms appear brighter and have fewer shadows.

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