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Dreamy Lake Side Summer Engagement Session in Kansas City

Lanie and Jared are some of my favorite people in the world and boy did they do their engagement photos RIGHT. They took all of my engagement photo session advice and our session ended up going flawlessly that summer evening in Kansas City. Starting with family photos with the pups:

These two have a deep love for their fur babies. So we chose a location where the doggos would have room to run and without disturbing anyone. They could be off-leash, explore their surroundings, get out some energy, and once comfortable, could be in a few photos. This is a game-changer when bringing pets along during engagement sessions. It also makes the post process much easier, not having leashes in all your shots. But most importantly Jared and Lanie brought a friend who was designated as pet handler! This person was in charge of chasing, wrangling, getting their attention, waiving treats, the works really. Having Lanie's friend as their pet handler then allowed Jared and Laine to focus on their time with me and not have to worry as much about their pets. Lanie's friend was also a great source of moral support for the couple, so if choosing a pet handler, choose a friend who will cheer you on like there's no tomorrow!

The second action Lanie took to make her session go seamlessly, was scheduling her wedding make-up trial on the same day! Not only did Lanie get to spend some of her afternoon being pampered by the one and only Maria Morris, but her make-up was absolutely STUNNING. Her skin glowed in the summer sun and there was no doubt she could feel like a million bucks in that gorgeous purple boho dress. I've recommended it before and I'll recommend it again, schedule your hair and make-up trial on the day of your engagement photos!

Jared and Lanie were so much fun to shoot with and the time we all spent together will only make their wedding day that much more comfortable. I'm so excited to shoot their wedding this August, regardless of whatever the world throws at us. Because COVID-19 Cannot Stop Love.

Engagement Photo Pro-Tips: Designate a pet handler and schedule your wedding hair and make-up trial on the day of your engagement photos!

You're only setting yourself up to feel amazing in front of the camera. You're taking some of the stress off of yourself and putting it into the very capable hands of your professional rockstar vendor team and trusted friends. Get pampered before your session, have your pet person be your biggest cheerleader and you'll be ready to slay come your engagement photo day.


Hair and Make-Up: Maria Morris







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