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Loose Park Summer Engagement Session

"Our photos are amazing and we are so so so so happy with them! You turned what could have been a very awkward experience into something fun and memorable. You made us feel cool, calm, and collected!!! God has blessed you with an amazing gift and talent! Keep following your dream and stay focused on your passion for capturing beautiful moments like the ones in our album!"

Messages from clients, like the above from Megan and Blake, keep me both inspired and confident in the career I've chosen. This session was a total dream, from the beautiful weather and lighting to the perfect location choice of Loose Park, to the outfit choices by Megan and Blake. But more than anything the attitude of this couple is what completely sets the stage for magical engagement session moments. Their carefree spirit, their willingness to lean into the goofy with me, their trust in the process, and my art; these are the elements that can ultimately make or break a session. Photographers and creatives can craft a beautiful styled shoot and have all the pieces needed for something "post-worthy" but without an creating an environment where a relationship can be built between the client and the creative, those images will never possess what these moments do.

The genuine joy seen above is a direct result of intentional time spent in the planning process getting to know my client and how I could create an experience unique to them. It's a result of starting our session with "get to know you time" before my camera is ever even seen. It's a result of offering ideas that exceed their expectations and offering both quality and quantity of my time. Photographers, as the industry continues to evolve, especially during a global pandemic, it's critical now to learn how to leverage your strengths for the good of your clients. Clients, when searching for an engagement photographer, wedding photographer, couples photographer, etc. choose a photographer who can not only create beautiful images but can also create an environment. An environment where you and your significant other can feel safe, can feel vulnerable, can feel valued, seen, appreciated for what your relationship is. Choose someone who wants to document you just as you are; authentic, raw, genuine, and madly in love. Chose someone who also would choose you, because you're not just a like on a social post, but because you're now a friend.

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