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She Said Yes: A Surprise Proposal on the Kansas City Plaza

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

"Will You Marry Me?" 4 words that can change your forever.

Cam and Madison's mom contacted me a few months before the planned proposal. They filled me in on the plan and asked for my advice on when and how we could all make this a moment Madison would never forget. On October 5th, 2019, they did exactly that.

Madison was told to dress in something nice as they were going out for a nice dinner on the Plaza during their weekend getaway to Kansas City. Little did Madison know some of her closest friends and family members had also made the trip so they could witness this monumental question.

Cam was cool, calm, collected, and the giddiest man I'd ever met. He was overwhelmed by both nerves and joy as he knew he was about to ask the girl of his dreams to be his forever. He had planned everything to the T! He picked the perfect location on the Country Club Plaza both for lighting and for viewing. As all their friends and family were watching from a nearby rooftop with celebratory food and drink.

I hid next to a car waiting for Madison to enter the frame. As she did Cam confidently told her to look right at me and at that moment, Madison's entire world changed. Cam went down on his knee, took her hand, and uttered words that will forever be known by just the two of them. All that we need to know, is that Madison SAID YES.

These photos say more than words ever could. The love seen by every person photographed is real and raw. And while I could try to write about the emotions felt, I'll never do same justice as these moments above. Cam and Madison have only just begun the next chapter of their relationship and what an absolute privilege it was for me to capture it all.

Thank you to O'Dowd's KC for being so accomodating of our group gathering and letting us celebrate on your rooftop patio on a busy Saturday afternoon. Kansas City, you're such a gem.


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