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Scooters, Dogs, Rooftops, and Champagne Pops; Classy Summer Engagement Photos with Mika and Drew

I've known Mika and Drew and they've known the front of my camera for years now! I was fortunate enough to capture moments during their dating season of life, their epic proposal at Green Dirt Farm, their extra engagement photos with first pup Luther seen in this blog post, and later this month their wedding day. Being along their journey has been such a beautiful privilege and I can't wait to continue along with these two.

This mini couples session was all about Drew's big and long-awaited birthday present from Mika, his Buddy Scooter! The couple wish terribly they could bring this creamy Italian beauty along with them to Michigan this October for their wedding but sadly it won't be able to make the trip. So to make the best of things, we decided to do a mini photo session featuring none other than this lil scoot-scoot. It was also just a great time for us to reconnect, hang out, grab some moments as a family of three, and of course capture more beautiful images.

I love when couples love documenting all the things in their life, the big moments and the small. What would you want to be captured big or small in your relationship? Let's chat about your beautiful moments here!

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