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A Social Distancing Spring Engagement Session in Kansas City

Lacey and Rhett were my last engagement session before the city wide (and eventually state wide) Stay-At-Home order went into affect. So needles to say, I'm holding onto these images extra tight. Why? Because they remind me of the old normal, not the new. When people could be closer than 6 ft, when I didn't have to fear leaving my house without hand sanitizer, when it was okay to have the sniffles, and when the Tiger King wasn't the most talked about thing in the country. Honestly, I felt like I was just starting to pick up momentum before the #quarantinelife took over . I had recently opened my 2021 wedding photography dates, I had updated my website to better reflect my heart and direction I wanted my business to take, and my sessions were starting to feel like not sessions, but just hanging with friends. Lacey and Rhett's session is the PERFECT example of that feeling! They welcomed me into their new home with open arms and cold beer. We caught up, joked, listened to music and talked all things dogs, wedding and home renovations. It felt so right to just be people before a camera was ever even introduced into the scene. We took our time, we eased into the process, knowing it might be some of the last normal human interaction we would all have for awhile. This session just makes me smile for all the right reasons. I will always cherish my time with these two in both in their home with their adorable dogs and at Loose Park on that brisk March evening.

Easing into engagement sessions is really becoming a love language of mine. It helps everyone feel more comfortable and less rushed. It helps my couples get to know me on a personal level, not just as a photographer. It helps me learn how my couples interact, how they joke, how they love. On my side of the camera, easing into engagement sessions feels effortless, relaxed, genuine. Three words that I believe are so clearly defined in the images I can produce with my couples. I can't wait for this Covid-19 quarantine to be lifted so I can pick up where I left off with more couples like Lacey and Rhett. Spring here in Kansas City seems like it's quickly passing by. Things are blooming, the sun is shining, yet we're all stuck indoors. However I remain hopeful. While this is a minor set back, I believe it will make me more grateful for each opportunity I have with a camera in my hand.

Thank you Lacey, Rhett, Cooper, and Luna for giving me some of the best quarantine memories to reflect on. Can't wait for your wedding this October!

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