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A Care-Free Summer Engagement Session in Kansas City

Friends, summer engagement photo sessions are so UNDERRATED! Everyone usually thinks the fall or spring is where it's at for photos in Kansas City but I'm here to show and tell you otherwise.

Alex and Amanda journeyed down from St. Louis this June to spend their Friday evening in front of my camera. One of the many beauties about summer engagement photos is that your session can start much later in the day when the temperature starts to drop. Yes, we still got plenty sweaty, and by we, I mainly mean me, because these two are so gorgeous you cannot even tell they were the slightest warm. But the summer months also mean everything is in full bloom! We have wildflowers, lush green trees, golden sunlight against a full field of prairie grass, and being next to a lake, a cooling summer breeze for that perfect amount of windblown. This couple absolutely popped against all the vivid colors and looked effortlessly sun-drenched in the sunset. Summer sessions also give you so many options for engagement photo outfits. Amanda mixed up her look with layers to give her variation without needing to fully change. She also wore a beautiful flowing maroon maxi dress that gave us all the magical dress flips we could want! Outfits can range from boho dresses to fun skirts and sandals, to tank tops and shorts, or even bathing suits (ooo la la) The important note to take is, you have options to fit whatever your relationship looks like. You're not held hostage by the weather one bit. So I'm asking you to please give some extra thought to the summer season when it comes to couples photos, engagement photos, even family photos! One last little note for you, most photographers, including myself, have lots of openings in the summer. For me, the fall can be very difficult to schedule around with all the weddings I have booked. So I'm all for more summer sessions!

I hope more couples take notes from Alex and Amanda and embrace the beauty of summer here in Kansas City and really anywhere else in the country. Couples like these two will be inspiring sessions for years to come because they make it look so fun and easy. I can't wait for what the future holds for Alex and Amanda as they vow to forever in the Colorado mountains next year. Help me in wishing these two the best and thanking them for both their inspiring session and infectious spirits!

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