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Sunset Anniversary Session at The Scout

Joe and Kelsie have easily become some of our best friends over the past year and a half. So when Kelsie asked if I would be willing to shoot their second year wedding anniversary photos I could have cried! She knew she wanted to be in the arms of her husband, overlooking their city while basking in a midwestern summer sunset. To take it to the next level I challenged them to write down some thoughts about their marriage and how it's grown over the last two years. Reflecting on how their love has changed, how they've seen each other grow, what accomplishments they're proud of, and what excites them about the future. I love so much that they both leaned into this challenge and we're able to have such an intimate moment on that downtown Kansas City hillside. I played their favorite band, encouraged them to reflect back on their wedding day, stepped back, and let them just speak to one another's hearts.

It's rare in today's society that we slow down long enough to engage in vulnerable moments. I think this is why I'm so humbled and appreciative of Joe and Kelsie's willingness to do so. Not only their willingness to spend that time together but to allow me to document those moments as well. That night and place will now hold an intimate memory for them and their marriage. I hope every time they drive by this spot they are reminded of the words that were uttered between them. They feel the warmth of the glowing summer sun around them. They're entranced by the smell of the setting dew and wildflowers. But ultimately my prayer for Joe and Kelsie is that when they see that spot, they both feel as loved, seen, appreciated, and valued by the other as they did this July evening.

Thankful for friends like these two. Check them out:

Joe Crockett - Adoring husband of Kelsie, loyal friend & real estate wizard

Kelsie Crockett - Loving wife to Joe, more of a sister than a friend & insanely talented photographer

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