Kevin loves Camden, in Portland

July 24, 2018

This Portland wedding was everything I had ever wanted in a client (Thank you Marlee for letting me 2nd shoot with you). Short, intimate, sweet, beautiful and meaningful. Reflecting on what I loved so much about Kevin and Camden's day made me realize I wanted to give a short PSA about the wedding industry in KC. So stay with me, I promise it's worth it. 


Dear Kansas City, 


You are beautiful and you are home. You have things that dreamy nature spots like Portland can't touch, like you're midwestern charm, humidity, and array of wonderful humans. However you have a wedding mentality that could use some massaging. I dare you to dream of a wedding day that didn't include a party bus. A wedding party that wasn't 20 people deep. A wedding day that didn't completely break the bank for the couple or their parents. A wedding day that wasn't a stressful 12 hour+ long production. A wedding that stood apart from the mold you've dictated, less tradition and more intention. Scared? Don't be! Brides and Grooms will thank me some day, and you will too Kansas City. 




A Wedding Photog Who Wants to Break The Tradition


A wedding day in the Midwest that is the opposite of the things I've mentioned above IS POSSIBLE! Brides I'm talking to you....  

I've recently started pinning some educational resources on how to make this happen, in real life. However what it really comes down to is, changing the perception of what a wedding day has to look like. 


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