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 I'm Jill

Jill and Cory Stuefer, Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Photographer | Wife | Friend | Sister | Dog Mom | Jesus Follower | Potato Lover


Hey new friend! I'm so honored you're considering me and my work for your photo adventure, *cue happy tears*. If you've made your way to this page, it means you're interested in learning who I am! So here's a just little peek into my life:

I have been in the Kansas City photography industry for almost 8 years with an emphasis on documenting couples and their best days for 6 years. If you can't find me out capturing weddings I'm likely wandering around Target with a full cart and no list, walking my frenchton Beans around the quirky streets of Waldo, enjoying a tasty craft cocktail or a meal fit for a foodie somewhere across my great city. If none of those workout, I'm definitely in some kind of sweats binging a show with my best friend and love of my life, Cory. 

My stylistic mission with Jill Caren Photo has always been to offer an artistic, timeless, and intentional approach to wedding photography while maintaining an authentic and true-to-life outcome in the images. But even bigger than any style I can bring to the table, is the heart behind my business. I truly believe in offering a wedding and portrait photography service that gives more than tangible items. I want to extend an offer of acceptance, kindness, joy, friendship, and prayer. My mission is to provide both timeless wedding photography and a spiritual experience. 


  • Being a wife to my incredibly generous, humble, supportive, and handsome husband.

  • Being a dog mom to Beans.

  • Fast Food, but especially Taco Bell.

  • Baggy sweaters.

  • Fuzzy socks.

  • Candles that smell like summer.

  • All the plant babies I can handle. 

  • Craft cocktails.

  • Premier League Soccer and Sporting KC

  • Traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures.

  • Browsing Barnes and Noble for hours without buying anything.

  • Black coffee and lots of it.

  • Collecting random Pop Toys.

  • Serving in my local church on Sundays.

     My Style

Natural Light - True to Life Colors - Candid - Raw Emotions

My main focus is the longevity and authenticity of your images. I want you to look back on our time together and LOVE everything you see. I don't want you to see a trend you regret like orange skin tones, lackluster greens, muted yellows, or an uncomfortable pose. I want you to look back through your photos laughing while remembering the dirty joke your maid of honor told, getting emotional when you see your mother's hands helping you into your dress, and become so full of love for your spouse when you relive your first look for the 100th time. I want to allow you to step back in time and embrace all the emotions from one of the best days of your lives. 

For more on my philosophy, my editing style, my priorities, or my promise of how I'll serve you, Click Here.

Wedding and Portrait Photographer Jill Caren Stuefer of Jill Caren Photo
Jill Stuefer of Jill Caren Photo Wedding and Elopement Photographer



Jill + Cory Stuefer, 14 Years, and Counting


Cory and I met over 14 years ago in our hometown, Jefferson City, MO. He was home from college on summer break and I was working at my dad's sandwich shop preparing for my senior year of high school. Cory came in with a co-worker of mine looking to score some free food and ended up scoring the attention of the girl making his sandwich and his future bride. We hung out for a few weeks that summer until he moved back to Kansas City for school. We endured 2 years of long-distance before I made the move to Kansas City and started to call it home. In October 2015, we confessed our love in front of 120 of our closest friends and family members at The Bride and The Bauer and it's still the best day of our lives. During our wedding planning process, I became extremely inspired by the wedding industry and felt there was a need for a photographer with a different heart for marriage. I continually draw inspiration from my marriage and believe the title of his spouse has been the greatest calling on my life.


In my last 8 years as a wife, I've discovered that the opportunity to serve my husband is unlike any other. I love that I've been given the chance to choose my marriage day in and day out. The choice to love him each day, the choice to be selfless, the choice to be humble, the choice to communicate, to compromise, and ultimately the choice to serve him well above all else. Both living out these choices and equally seeing them reciprocated makes me emotional and forever grateful for the opportunity to experience love in this way. I hope that I can not only take beautiful photos of your wedding day but also show you how powerful this next chapter in your relationship can be. 

Cheers to what's ahead and thanks for reading our story!


Jill & Cory 

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