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Best. Day. Ever. 

I have the BEST job

I was a bride right here in Kansas City over 6 years ago. I get to relive every single detail and become overwhelmed by all the emotions of that day because of my wedding photos. These feelings inspired me to become an authentic and artful storyteller for couples across the globe. And while I love the inspiration I was given, wedding photography has an even deeper calling on my life. I believe I was called to this role to speak life into new marriages, build up relationships, and share all the goodness that marriage can be. I believe I have an opportunity to use my gift for a purpose greater than just the click of a shutter or likes on an Instagram post. I believe in pursuing a beautiful marriage and then a beautiful wedding day.

And the BEST couples

I love working with all kinds of couples on their wedding days, but I'm especially drawn to days full of creativity, intimacy, and a deep understanding of what marriage is. I love working with couples and the rockstar vendors they've chosen to help bring their wedding day vision to life.  


When booking clients I’m looking for more than a name on a date for my calendar. I’m looking for a connection and an opportunity to serve you, your friends, and your families. Because of these standards, my couples time and time again blow me away with their kindness, their support, their love, their ideas, their hearts, and their trust in me. Each of my couples is directly responsible for making what I do possible and I’m extremely grateful for all of them. I am so honored to have been part of all the wedding adventures to date and I can’t wait for what’s ahead! Enjoy seeing each of their unique to their wedding day stories in my featured blogs and check back periodically for more.






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Learn the package options Jill offers, her style, and the heart behind it all.

Learn Jill's story, her passions, and her promise to you on your wedding day.

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Stories of real couples, engagements, proposals, and more.



Intentional couples wanting authentic memories of their best day.

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