I have a confession...

I didn’t have engagement photos taken! Yes, it’s true, over 5 years ago when Cory popped the question all I wanted to do was marry that man. We were on a super tight planning timeline and didn’t see the value in paying additional costs for more photos, especially since our photographer wasn’t local. Fast forward to being a wedding and engagement photographer myself, I totally see the value! But to be completely honest, the value isn't in the photos. The photos we take are actually just a beautiful bonus because the session itself is a key piece of success on your wedding day.

Let Me Explain

I believe your engagement photos should be included when booking your wedding with me. I believe this photo session is the best opportunity for us to get to know each other before your big day and a super fun way for you to fall in love with photos of yourselves. I believe this photo session is a chance for your love story to be reflected in its purest form while learning how not awkward you actually are.


Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t had professional photos taken of yourselves since your senior pictures, so it doesn’t hurt to get a little trial run in! You’ll get to see how I work behind the camera, how I communicate, and how effortless it is for you to look AMAZING, trust me. I’ll learn what makes you comfortable, how you like to interact with each other, and begin building a relationship that will only grow stronger.

Not looking for an engagement session?

THAT’S COOL TOO! Couples' photos are important, period. Since my own wedding day, Cory and I have stepped in front of the camera as a married couple on several occasions and it gets better each time. I love the opportunity to have professional photos taken of whatever stage of life we’re in. I don’t know about you, but our relationship has changed SO MUCH over the last 10+ years. Everything from different hairstyles, different places we’ve lived, different fashion trends, even the way we love each other. And having those small things documented is absolutely priceless to me. So heck yes let’s take a couple of hours to meet you right where you are and capture whatever your relationship looks like. Let’s live it up for an afternoon, let's celebrate an anniversary, let's take a chance for you to get dressed up and snuggle close or get dressed down and giggle a lot. Whatever it looks like, you deserve to have these memories to look back on and treasure forever. Couples Sessions Booked Outside of a Wedding Package Start at $350. Fill Out the Connect Form For Booking and Details.

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"Our photos are amazing and we are so so so so happy with them! Jill turned what could have been a very awkward experience into something fun and memorable.

Jill made us feel cool, calm, and collected!!! Her playlist was awesome and we will be scheduling an appointment next year for round two!"

- Megan D. .