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5 Steps to Creating Amazing In-Home Engagement Photos

Slowly but surely in-home couples sessions are becoming my jam! Hanging with Pete, Kenzie, and Bella this summer in their Crossroads loft could not have been a better way to get to know them before their wedding this fall. They laughed, danced, made craft cocktails, played a little fetch, snuggled, strolled around their neighborhood, and ultimately welcomed me into their most personal and vulnerable space. I feel such an honor when I'm invited into my client's homes with the opportunity to tell their unique story.

Photographers, ever wonder how to create an epic in-home session? Follow these five simple steps at your next session:

1. Lighting -

Ask your client to monitor what time of day their home gets the best lighting in the areas they want to photograph in. Some homes have better morning light and some have better afternoon/evening light, the lighting in their homes should dictate what time you schedule your session. Turn off all artificial light sources, open up the curtains, and play with all the buttery natural light and fun shadows.

2. Music -

Play some music! I always ask my clients first if they have anything they would like to listen to, if not I have a curated playlist for all my sessions. Music helps break any awkward silence, creates a dynamic and changing mood while also encouraging movement. Music almost always puts everyone at ease and allows for more natural and candid moments between your couples.

3. Outfits -

I love to guide my clients when choosing outfits. When shooting lifestyle in-home sessions I suggest more casual or cozy wear. Shoes and socks off, blankets and jeans on! I give my couples the permission to be comfortable as if I wasn't even there. Help to create their most authentic and comfortable environment.

4. Home Decor & Neutrals -

When it comes to home decor, my two rules of thumb are, less is more and neutrals will always photograph best. I tend to remove any clutter, loud statement textiles, or decorative pieces while still keeping the integrity of the style of their home. I love to photograph stills of their decor pieces and using those as helpful story-telling moments as you can see below. Forever encapsulating their style and whatever was happening in that season of life for them.

5. Interactive Elements -

The last key to photographing amazing in-home couples sessions is incorporating interactive elements for your couple. This could be their pets, food, drinks, pillows, blankets, plants, mirrors, or literally anything that speaks to who they are as a couple. For this session, Pete and Kenzie love creating craft cocktails and their dog Bella. So we played a little catch with sweet Bella and I had them both create their favorite drink. I love these candid moments of them working side by side so much! It not only shows off their personalities but gave them something to do which helped them ease into our session aka having a camera in their face.

And there you have it! My 5 easy steps you can use at your next in-home couples session to create some amazing and intimate photos.


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