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Ramen Noodles Aren't So Bad: IIIV

Persistence + Patience + Perspective

Believe it or not, there's still so much that was unsaid about our story. Being debt free for the past 2 months, I can tell my life really has changed. We buy things differently and with so much intentionality. I encounter people and can't stop myself from telling them what has happened in our lives. Heck, I even felt the call to write to you! It may have taken me awhile but better late than never right? I was hesitant and still am hesitant even while writing now. I'm not a blogger, not an eloquent speaker or writer, I'm naturally introverted and pretty awkward. I turn super red and splotchy when I have to speak in public or to new people. I don't like feeling vulnerable or visible. Hello, this is why I stay behind my camera!

I think a lot of our story can be summed up to one sticking point; we were somehow able to swallow the very unpopular pill of denying ourselves. We don't live in a world where it's "cool" to be broke or on a budget. Nobody is hashtagging #toldmyselfno because we're too busy living in a #treatyoself society.

Which is all fine and wonderful if you have the means. But just being real, how many of us REALLY have those means? Yea, me neither. And that's ok too!!! This is what I had to change about my mentality and I'm sure you could change too. You know the feeling of defeat when you can't treat yourself, but then do it anyway out of a weird feeling of guilt or sense of insecurity? Yea that's gotta go! We have to change our thoughts, emotions, perspective, whatever you want to call it. We can't expect something from nothing, so no change will yield no reward.

Hear me loud and clear when I say this,

I am not perfect at this

but it's something I'm regularly working towards. Reminding myself that I already live an extraordinary life by just being alive! I don't need anything to make my life better, I can be content with what I have and where I am in life because tbh it's awesome. Debt or no debt life is SO good friends. I feel my point is best illustrated by a sermon from Louie Giglio about the incredible journey we take around the sun in one year. Talk about some perspective (click here to listen). The fact that I'm alive, saved by amazing grace, and typing to you is a miracle and I don't need a #treatyoself day to affirm it. Sure I love stuff. ALL KINDS OF STUFF. You show me a plant, trendy t-shirt, mid-century modern home decor piece, heck I see stuff I don't even know what it is but I think I probably need it. I'm a sucker for good marketing and flash sales lol Cory will be the first to tell you! But getting these wants and desires under control and commanding my thoughts in a different direction is what has allowed for me to live differently.

Living Differently!


I love that we're all in such different points in life. Whoever you are and wherever you're at is exactly where you need to be. It might be messy and ugly or shameful and embarrassing or incredibly beautiful; whatever it is, it's uniquely yours. And I bet wherever you are today, is so much better than where you were...


There is a plan for you and it is spectacular, and I'm incredibly happy that you're here. If you've made it this far, I commend you for your commitment and thank you for your time. I hope it spoke to you in some way and I hope I didn't let you down. If you remember, I never claimed our story was anything extravagant. But I am open to any questions! Be sure to comment below or contact me. I'd love to connect with you and if nothing else be able to pray for you and where ever you are in your journey. Life is so much like a road trip where everything in the rear view is shrinking, but all that lies ahead through the windshield is huge and exciting! Today I'm praying for you and your debt freedom journey because you will be free. Praying you can look out your windshield with a hopeful smile and sense of encouragement, letting your past shrink in the rear view.


Shout out to Erin Hassett who beautifully documented Cory and I in our new apartment. We appreciate you so much Erin!

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram with any questions I didn't answer about our story. I'm an open book when it comes to this stuff and I'd love to cheer you on in your debt freedom journey.

Thank you for reading and listening. In the grand scheme of things Ramen Noodles Aren't So Bad right? I'd happily struggle and sacrifice all over again knowing this was the result.

Be Inspired. Live Differently. Change Perspectives. Enjoy All of Life's Ramen Noodles.

Jill Caren

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