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5 Tips for Not Awkward Summer Engagement Photos with Taylor and Ally

Normally my engagement session blog posts recap the amazing time together we had to create some stunning portraits. But today I want to highlight 5 tips that gave Taylor and Ally's boho summer engagement session a 10/10.

Tip 1: Location

Ally and Taylor did their homework! They reviewed my previous blogs, explored my Instagram page, inspected all my Pinterest inspiration boards, and were then able to effectively communicate exactly they wanted their session to reflect. They wanted open outdoor spaces, similar to images she saw in other posts, they wanted a casual and formal look, and most importantly wanted to have fun. Finally, we chose the final location & time of day for the best light.

Tip 2: Outfits

Outfits play a huge role during your engagement session. First, you should feel like a million bucks! Choose an outfit that you feel incredible in as well as comfortable. Second ensuring your outfits complement not only one another but also compliment the location. Lastly, it's wise to pack additional outfit items based on your location. For example, if you're doing any kind of hiking or outdoor exploration it can be helpful to wear sneakers or hiking boots until arriving at the shooting location where you can then throw on some cute heels.

Tip 3: Liquid Courage

This is not a necessity! But if you and your partner do enjoy a good beer or hard seltzer this could be a great way to ease the nerves. The idea of getting photographed can be really uncomfortable for some, so having your favorite beverage on hand can unleash your inner top model!

Tip 4: Intentional Time

When planning sessions with my couple, it's important for me to include intentional relationship building time before we begin shooting. This is an opportunity for us to become familiar with one another on a personal level before a camera is ever introduced. I like to spend the first 20-30 minutes of our planned time together to just hang and chat. This time helps to create trust and comfortability once the shoot begins.

Tip 5: Music

Music plays a HUGE role in our session once the shoot begins. Honestly, music playing always puts everyone at ease. Think about if you went to a store, a restaurant, a party and there was no music. So weird right? Music can set the tone of what energy you bring to the table. I've crafted a very intentional playlist for all my shoots that helps to ebb and flow the mood over our session. Everything from high energy fun songs that make you want to dance, to songs you'll know every word to and want to sing along, to even intimate songs that can spark emotion and passion when you didn't think possible.

Those are my 5 tips for creating an environment that fosters comfortability for both photographers and clients. Couples can combine all these tips together, plus the right photographer and you'll get candid, beautiful, not awkward engagement photos just like Taylor and Ally!


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