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A Chill and Elegant Summer Wedding at Studio Dan Meiners in Kansas City

Have I mentioned before that I have the best job ever?! I not only get to meet some of the BEST people and but I also get to spend some of their best days with them, documenting every moment. One of my favorite summer days from my 2021 wedding season was Tommy and Sydney's beautiful summer wedding day in Kansas City. We started the day with the couple getting ready at the lovely Crossroads Hotel located in the heart of the Crossroads district, downtown Kansas City. Tommy and Sydney opted for no first look with each other, saving those feelings for the church aisle. The day continued with their ceremony and mass at Church of the Ascension in Overland Park, wedding party portraits at Loose Park and Stock Hill, and their dance-filled reception at event space, Studio Dan Meiners. The couple incorporated some really fun ideas into their wedding day like the girl's getting ready outfits with the groom's face all over them, a grand exit out of the church after their ceremony, having their dog join us for portraits, making an intentional stop for cocktails and conversation at the beautiful Stock Hill bar, a live artist painting during their reception, a personalized "I Love You 3000" neon sign (the perfect photo backdrop for any Marvel fan), fun glowsticks and light up accessories for the dance floor, Sydney's custom scripted and studded Mrs. Trueblood jean jacket and of course a classic sparkler exit.

Remembering back on this perfect summer day I was really drawn to this couple and just the joy they exuded during the booking process, planning process, and throughout the entire day. One of my favorite pieces of communication with my couples leading up to their wedding day is our wedding info questionnaire. Tommy and Sydney's questionnaire answers couldn't have summed up their personalities, how the day would unfold, and their styles any better:

"Q: What drew you two to my style?

A: The natural light, the unedited look, the moments in between, the authenticity of every picture, the lack of awkward poses or forced kissing lol, the way everybody just looked like they were having a blast"

"Q: Select all the styles that fit your upcoming wedding:

A: Elegant, Minimal, and Other. If you chose 'other'

I feel like our vibe is just very chill? Not in a boring way and we're not having some small intimate wedding by any means but we're both just pretty laid back and our favorite thing to do is be with our families and drink red wine so like the centerpieces are literally the last things I cared about if that makes sense?

The couple was dead on with their description of chill, not in a boring way but in a way that they would value what meant most to them, and let everything else sort itself out. So let me just say, I'm here for ALL the chill weddings moving forward!

From The Couple:

"If you're reading this review - please stop here and immediately go fill out the inquiry page and secure Jill for your big day. I think I spent more time looking for a photographer than I did anything else for my wedding day and it is by what I can only assume is the grace of God that I found Jill while mindlessly scrolling my 500th wedding hashtag on Instagram. There are so many words I could use to describe Jill and even then I wouldn't be able to scratch the surface of all that she brings to the table. She is one of the most authentic people you will run across in your life and her photos are a testament to that. Not only will she serve as your biggest hype woman every day leading up to the wedding and even more so on the day of - she will bring an energy that is unmatched and SO needed after you've been up for 13 hours and your shoes are hurting parts of your feet you didn't even know existed. I really couldn't picture my wedding day without Jill there by my side making sure every hair was in place, my dress looked killer, and most importantly that Tommy and I were soaking in every moment together and having the best time. Jill I've said this once but I'll say it again; God knew what he was doing with you when he placed a camera in your hands and the world is so much brighter with you, your heart, and your incredible talent in it. This review is already annoyingly long and I could go another half a page! Please, my goodness, book this ray of sunshine and never look back. We are so thankful for YOU Jill Caren Stuefer!"

Vendors Who Made Tommy and Sydney's Wedding Day Possible

Photographer - Jill Caren Photo with Kelsie Crockett as 2nd Shooter

Coordination - December with SOIREE EVENT DESIGNS

Hair & Make Up - Stacy V. Makeup

Catering - Brancatos

Entertainment - DJ Fernando Productions - DJ Carl

Dog Handler - Lending A Paw


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