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A Modern and Elegant Winter Wedding at White Iron Ridge

If you're looking for modern and unique wedding inspiration with ideas on how to make your wedding day your own, this blog is for you! Russell and Bailey's November wedding day was not short on personality, unique flare, or modern twists at the jaw-dropping luxury barn-inspired wedding venue just north of downtown Kansas City, White Iron Ridge. The couple kept some classic wedding day traditions but ultimately made the day completely their own.

Russell and Bailey leaned into their winter aesthetic by choosing modern bold dark colors like all black for their wedding party attire, black taper candles, and decor, but also having pops of white and green in their florals. The couple opted for a private letter reading followed by an emotional and intimate first look. While the temperatures were cold, we were still able to shoot a combination of images both outside around the property and indoors at White Iron Ridge. The venue complimented Russell and Bailey's style SO well with its black iron accents, modern black chandeliers, gold accents, and overall minimal and clean-white backdrop. The surrounding outdoor property offered us golden fields, trees with changing leaves, soft blue cloudy skies, and honestly a quiet and tranquil experience.

And while all this sounds amazing, I know you really want to hear how Russell and Bailey made their wedding day so unique! Here are just a few of the ways they showed off who they were on their wedding day:

  • Russell brought an on-sight barber to shape and trim his beard and hair while he was getting ready.

  • The couple had personalized engravements on their wedding bands.

  • Custom floral installations that complimented the venue and overall style of the wedding day.

  • Inclusion of Russell's prized pickup truck.

  • The couple opted for a "peanut butter and jelly sandwich-making" as their unity ceremony instead of the traditional pouring of sand or unity candle.

  • The couple had custom post-ceremony Nike Air-Force sneakers to cut up the dance floor with.

  • A signature cocktail named after their dog.

  • Large illuminated marquee letters of their new last name to help set the stage of the dance floor.

  • Fun games during their reception to keep their guests engaged.

  • LED Foam light sticks were distributed during the open dance portion of the evening and a custom photo booth was available for all.

  • A last dance for just the two of them followed by a grand sparkler exit.

This list is only just a few ways Russell and Bailey showed off their personalities during their best day. I love how much ownership they each took in the planning and how both were equally involved. Russell and Bailey are an outstanding representation of how you and your partner can throw all the traditions out the window and plan the day You Both Want.

What's stopping you from planning a unique wedding day that shows off your personalities?! Let's chat today about how I can capture every moment of your best day ever!