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Bows, Booze, and Rolling Hill Views! Summer Engagement Photos with Emma and Nathan

Truly I think two different and distinct looks for your engagement photos are the perfect recipe for success when planning your session, and this blog is the BEST example of that fact. Look one for Emma and Nathan was giving us classy, cute, cocktail, vibes to compliment the downtown scene. While the couple's second look gave us casual, fun, flirty vibes in the rolling green fields of the midwest! Regardless of whether you're team "two-looks" or not, the fact of the matter is, Emma and Nathan, nailed their summer engagement photos in downtown Lees Summit! Emma stunned in a white dress with an oversized bow against Nathan's classic navy suit. We wandered around the quaint downtown of their hometown, Lees Summit, hitting up some great city streets, sidewalks, brick walls, and rooftops. It was important to the couple that we incorporate their engagement gift of two champange glasses, in the colors of their upcoming wedding day. We popped champagne, poured drinks, and soaked up the setting sun on a nearby parking garage rooftop.

To finish our night, we headed to their favorite park for an outfit change and a change of scenery. Here Nathan and Emma, froclicked in the flowering fields, ran, gave piggyback rides, laughed, kissed, and snuggled against the green rolling hills of the midwest. As always, what Nathan and Emma thought would be an awkawrd night of having their photo taken turned into a straight-up magical evening that they would happily relive any day...

"Jill!!!!! Omg omg omg I am obsessed with our photos. Thank you so so so much!!!!!! I don’t even know which is my favorite but I love all of them!!!!!! This makes me so so confident in working with you and I cannot wait for the wedding day!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!"

So are you team "two looks" when it comes to couples photos?! Comment below and let me know what you think! Meanwhile, I CANNOT WAIT to celebrate this sweet couple in December for their incredible wedding day at Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden! See you cuties then!


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