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Cash and Erika's Sun-Kissed Lakeside Winter Engagement Session

Waiting until winter for your engagement session can have great risks, but can result in an even greater reward!

Winter engagement sessions allow for so many fun opportunities here in the greater Kansas City area. You get to wear lots of cozy layers and unique textures, you don't have to worry about sweating your makeup off or the humidity ruining your hair, snuggling in front of the camera becomes natural when you're genuinely trying to warm up and you get to use fun accessories like scarves, hats, and cute coats, just to name a few. Cash and Erika took advantage of all these opportunities during their engagement session this past December. Erika's satin copper skirt popped beautifully against the golden winter grass of Shawnee Mission Park. Her cream turtleneck was timeless and added elegance to her look. Paired with Cash's button-down and slacks, this couple's look was effortlessly chic and warm!

For Erika and Cash's session, we ended up choosing a beautiful winter day with temps between the 50s-30s, dropping drastically as the sunset into the evening. We explored the sprawling and sunkissed hills of Shawnee Mission Park while laughing and listening to music. We also ventured out to the water for some incredibly romantic images against the reflective lake. Our last stop would include both an outfit and location change! Cash and Erika opted for a more casual and warm winter look, complete with jeans, heavy knit sweaters, and boots while roaming the downtown streets of where they call home.

Couple holding hands at sunset in winter at Shawnee Mission Park

Romantic Winter Engagement Photo at Sunset on a dock by a lake

Winter engagement sessions don't have to be daunting! They can create some serious romantic magic. Between the snow, dead foliage, full and epic sunsets, less likelihood of locations being busy, additional outfit opportunities, and chilly temps that encourage closeness, winter engagement sessions and weddings might just need to be added to your to-do list!

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