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Champagne Booze and City Views: Jerrod and Sara's Unique Engagement Session, Downtown Kansas City

For Sara and Jerrod's engagement session, the couple knew exactly the vibe they were going for. In fact, during our planning process, Sara sent me this message:

"We looked through some of your other engagement shoots to try and decide on locations. We'd ideally like a mix of some outdoor/park vibes with some downtown + rooftop vibes. For the park, we really liked the photos we saw that were at The Scout, which is also close to downtown so that makes travel between locations pretty simple. 2. We were wondering if it's possible (or if it's weird) to try and take some photos in a restaurant? Jerrod and I really love Brown & Loe in the River Market. We've eaten there a TON through the years and just like the look/vibe of the space. Do you think it'd be possible to get some photos in there?"

To which I replied, "Brown and Loe isn't weird at all! I love that you're wanting to make this session unique to you guys and your relationship."

Honestly, during the planning of your engagement session, it's these types of ideas that really get me excited as a creative. A new challenge, a new location, a new experience, all things that make for truly memorable and unique photos. Not only does the session have that extra spark of individuality but it also is a great time for my couples and me to just sit and connect over a glass or plate or cup of whatever. Could be a favorite coffee shop, cocktail bar, brewery, pizza joint, taco stand, the list is endless. But what they all have in common, is the meaning to my couple and the personality it gives their session.

For your next photo session, I challenge you to think outside of the box! Outside of the normal park or pretty architecture. Think of where you and your partner love to spend time and invite your photographer (me) into that space. Be you and let the love follow.

Huge thanks to Brown & Loe for being so accommodating and kind. Your space is beautiful, your drinks are top-notch, and your food is exactly what I need every time I dine with you.


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