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6 Hot Reasons You Should Want To Be Cold For Your Engagement Photos | Andrew and Jordyn in KC

Winter engagement photos are so gosh darn dreamy!! And Andrew and Jordyn are here to help you see that too. In this post, I'm going to share 6 hot reasons why you should want to be cold for your engagement photos!

Let me first say, this couple has a special place in my heart. I've had the privilege of hanging with them a couple of times in front of my camera, and each session gets better. A year from now these two will be walking down a winter aisle at the beautiful Lone Summit Ranch and I cannot wait to capture every second of it! Now back to why I LOOOOVE winter engagement photoshoots. Below I will break down my 6 reasons for you to be cold at your engagement session:

1. Sweater Weather

You'll have never-ending options when it comes to the overall style and options of your outfits. Jordyn and Andrew went with a casual and cozy look for their first outfit, perfect for hanging around some evergreen trees and open fields. The couple's second look was SO glam and perfect for the holiday season.

2. Diffused Skies

In the winter months, we're given more cloudy than sunny days here in Kansas City. But the grey overcast clouds can give such a soft light to work with that not only highlights your natural skin tones but doesn't overpower any scenes. Oh! And don't worry about not getting a beautiful sunset, I mean have you scrolled to see theirs yet?!

3. Early Start and End Times

With a winter engagement session, the sun starts to set earlier in the day due to daylight savings time. With that, we're able to start and end our session just before dinner time! And since you're all dressed up, what better reason do you need to go have a fancy dinner date night?! You're Welcome!

4. Extra Adorable Accessories

The addition of extra accessories is a huge reason to consider a winter engagement session. These can include anything from blankets, coats, hats, mittens, etc. So many more options than other seasons have to offer. Jordyn and Andrew went with a classic blanket + boho hat combo and champagne to pop as a grand finale!

5. The Absence of Vibrant Nature

I love winter engagement sessions for the natural neutral colors our outdoors provides. As trees and vegetation die off they leave behind a beautiful "dead" look. Dead may not be appealing to you if you hear it, but what you don't realize is that you as the subject will pop again a "dead" scene! Your outfits and overall positioning or posing are no longer fighting with the backdrop. You, my friend, are the star of the photo, as it should be!

6. Temperatures Encourage You and Your Partner to be Close

Finally, my last reason for loving winter engagement photos is the natural reason and intuition to cuddle up with your partner! The closer you are to one another makes a photograph so much more appealing to the eye. During the summer months, you and your partner are usually sweating or too warm to be overly close. The winter temperatures invite you and your partner to snuggle under a blanket, hold on to each other to keep warm, be close to share body heat, and so much more.

So there you have it, my 6 HOT reasons for you to be COLD for your engagement photos! Ready to book a winter engagement or couples session?


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