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Casual In-Home Session with Taylor and Aubrey

Sometimes "no reason" is the best reason to have photos taken. In-home couples sessions can be so intimate, playful, cute, romantic - really whatever you want them to be. They can also be a great way to celebrate the next chapter in your life. For Taylor and Aubrey, an in-home couples session with me was the perfect way to say goodbye to their first home together. They're moving on to bigger and better places, but so much life has happened within those walls, and they wanted to commemorate it. Most recently a big life change that happened within those walls was the decision to postpone their wedding day. This decision has been weighing on the hearts of so many across the globe. I've walked with many of my couples through this challenging time including Aubrey and Taylor, but I'm not going to pretend I fully understand all the pressure and heartbreak they're experiencing. So not only was our in-home session a celebration of their new home purchase, but it was also an opportunity to mourn what should have been, allowing for some closure.

Aubrey and Taylor cuddled on the couch, gave endless smooches to their French Bulldog Poppy, cut a faux wedding cake, popped some delicious champagne, and finally had a moment to take back ownership of what would have been their wedding day. Like many COIVD affected couples, the power of choice has been stripped away from you. You've been forced to make decisions and compromises you couldn't have ever thought of. While I'm not impacted the same as Taylor and Aubrey, or any couple, I will still dare to say grieving the loss of your wedding day is important. Honoring what would have been your date in any capacity (like a fun photoshoot in your home!) should happen. You have poured so much into that day. It deserves to be honored and you deserve to take that power back. So I'm encouraging all COVID couples to do something to honor your day. Pour one out, have some cake, get a special carry-out meal, put on your song and dance in the living room, have a small get together with your bridal party, get extra photos taken, visit your favorite spot in the city - the options are infinite but should be a reflection of your relationship and what matters to you. Whatever, whenever, and however, just take your date back. Because love cannot be canceled!

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