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Love in Contrast: Two Unique Engagement Session Settings Loose Park and The Nelson Atkins Art Museum

This summer I so had many wonderfully beautiful and unique engagement sessions at Loose Park and The Nelson Atkins Art Museum. And although my engagement session locations can seem somewhat repetitious to, I guarantee every session has individuality. Using two diverse locations such as Loose Park and The Nelson brings such a successful contrast to an engagement session. Bry and Drew's engagement session is no exception! When I look through this engagement photo gallery, I see dynamic imagery that still feels timeless, and better yet, I feel an overwhelming amount of love, genuine sweetness, and true joy. All this to say, you can choose the same location as 1,000 other couples, and I promise your gallery will still feel wildly unique because of the energy and vibes you bring to the table.

Let's break down the energy Drew and Bry brought:

They chose a casual look and feel for our first location, Loose Park. This look allowed for more playful, fun images and moments. This energy was light, carefree, vibrant, and almost giddy in emotions. Lose Park was the perfect backdrop for this type of energy and it's a place in the heart of Kansas City that's always teaming with life. This summer evening, Loose Park was glowing with that iconic Midwestern golden hour light, the greenery was lush, flowers were in bloom, and we took full advantage of all the little backdrop pockets the park has to offer. Bry's giggle and smile were absolutely contagious and I love looking back on how genuine these images are.

The couple changed outfits for our change of location. With this change came a shift to a more romantic energy for our second location. This energy was centered, quiet, warm, and more serious with a deep sense of connection. The Nelson Atkins Art Museum was not only the perfect canvas for this energy and a pretty backdrop. To Bry and Drew, this location was rather sentimental to their relationship as they are both architects and fell in love in college. Learning this, I was excited to share some of the grand architecture the Nelson has to offer with these two brilliant minds. We highlighted the couple's more dressed-up outfits against the stunning columns, stone stairs, and details of the museum. They danced, they held one another, they embraced, and they shared quiet moments as the sun began to set over the trees. The classic and elegant setting of The Nelson added a touch of sophistication to their photos that Loose Park couldn't provide.

Overall, I believe this engagement session was a perfect blend of modern and classic, playful yet romantic, casual, and formal. All these contrasting elements capture the couple's dynamic love candidly and authentically. I cannot wait to bring the same timeless and photojournalistic approach to their wedding day later this summer when Bry and Drew say "I Do".

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