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Jacob and Caitlin's Modern Winter Wedding at The Guild KC

Unpopular Opinion: Winter Weddings > Summer Weddings

Let Me Explain!

With winter weddings the days are sweeter, more joyful with holiday spirits in the air, more intimate with the weather forcing couples to be close, more dramatic with all the extra textures, colors, and fabrics you have to choose from, more romantic with the need of candlelight, and ultimately shorter with less daylight. There's something about a winter wedding that truly makes you appreciate the fleeting day for what it is. If you don't want to take my word for it, Jacob and Caitlin's wedding day is the perfect example of a modern winter wedding in Kansas City. The black and white color scheme with pops of champagne and forest green is so classy and timeless. Especially when mixed with their amazing venues such as The Guild, Hotel Kansas City, and The Nelson for portraits. There's really so much to love about this day, from the couple's emotional rooftop first look and vow exchange, to their wild party bus ride throughout Kansas City, to their intimate oscar style seated ceremony, not a moment was missed during this December wedding day. I'm especially proud to say that not a moment was missed because of the why behind Jacob and Caitlin's reason for hiring me as their wedding photographer:

"We were drawn to your style because it's unique and engaging. In my opinion, your style is not like the typical cookie-cutter, Instagram-perfect style. Instead, you seem to always capture candid photos that still look beautiful and professional. To get the amazing candid photos it probably means that you are also an amazing person and have a way of getting your clients to loosen up in moments that could be slightly awkward. Lastly, from the work that we have seen from you so far, each photo ALWAYS has personality and life which is what we absolutely want when we look back on these photos 10 years down the road."

Words like these inspire such motivation in me and ultimately make me a better photographer. Knowing how much Jacob and Caitlin appreciated my ability to capture the raw and real moments of their day allowed me to create what only I could create. As a result, one of my favorite winter weddings to date! Are you ready to plan a winter wedding?