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Kansas City Engagement Photo Tips - Embracing All The Seasons!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Today I sit here and write to you on a crisp October day, aka the height of photographer busy season in the midwest. Let's be honest, autumn in Kansas City is everyone's literal favorite! Football, pumpkin patches, cider beer, changing leaves, sweater weather I could go on and on. Not only is it everyone's favorite overall season with plenty of activities but it's also everyone's favorite time to get dressed up in front of a camera. Between the most popular wedding dates, engagement session requests, dm's for family mini sessions, and more, we photographers feel this season extra hard. While we would love to accommodate everyone's requests in the crisp cool autumn air, I'm here to share what the other seasons have to offer for your next photo session in Kansas City!

Spring - Spring is full of new blooms, fresh grass, cool temps, a crisp breeze, a chance for layers and soft tones. Spring is an excellent season for your photo session! If you or your partner don't care for the heat of summer nor the cold of winter, spring was made for you. You have tons of options when it comes to outfit choices, the sun begins staying out later for later session times, you can try to plan around some amazingly colorful flowers and trees, but most importantly it's a fantastic way to shake any winter blues.

Summer - Summer is honestly one of my favorite seasons to shoot in. Yes, it can be warm and humid but if done right, there's nothing like it! Anything goes in the summer, from bathing suits and being poolside to barefoot running through a field, to sharing a rooftop cocktail into the setting summer sun. Summer is great for schedules that need later session times because there's more light in a day. Summer is full of color as well, the Rose Garden in Loose Park, as pictured in this engagement session with Katie and Brogan, is in full bloom, the grass is lush and green, but best of all the sunsets are insane. All my favorite sunsets are always in the summer, the sweetest way to wrap up a photo session is with the person you love most against a summer setting sun. From sundresses to mini skirts, tank tops, and jeans, to grabbing ice cream or cracking open an ice-cold beer, the options when considering a summer photography session in Kansas City are endless.

Fall - Need we say more? Cute outfits, changing leaves, the feeling of anticipation before the holidays, basically all the good vibes. You already know all the good things, but things you'll also want to consider would be no guarantee on when the leaves will change, temperatures are very flexible, the days become shorter and sessions require earlier start times, most of all busy season. If your heart is set on a stunning fall session, reach out to your favorite photographers (like me!) and book EARLY. I do not recommend waiting until the month of, you will likely not find availability, get on our books quickly to secure a date, and worry about the details later.

Winter - Winter is the most underrated Kansas City photo session season in my opinion. Most people think winter is just full of dead nature, cold temps, and the need to stay indoors. I instead suggest you think about the winter season as cuddly in-home session opportunities, warm and cozy sessions set in your favorite coffee shop, hanging with your partner at a local greenhouse, getting dressed up and grabbing a cocktail at your favorite bar, embracing the snow and colder weather by bundling up in all the cute winter gear and just having fun! Winter is often most photographers' slow season, so we are itching to see all of you in your cold-weather get-up or at home in some casual attire, so reach out and do something completely original for your next photo session.

As you can see, you, your partner, your family, your pets, don't all have to wait until fall to get good and updated photos. I encourage you to embrace all the seasons and most importantly remember to enjoy the little moments. Regardless of what season you choose, what outfit you wear, or what location you decide on, the ultimate choice in making the most out of your photos is your photographer...


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