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Glamorous Kansas City Engagement Session with Taylor and Aubrey

Sometimes the stars align, the universe speaks and you find a new couple of besties within your clients. With Aubrey and Taylor, this is exactly what happened. I can't describe what kind of feeling or intuition I get with most inquires. Sometimes it's the tone in the email, it's the excitement in the message but then other times it's just a gut feeling. I remember receiving Aubrey's email and feeling an immediate connection. I'd like to say my sixth sense is just really strong, but I'd be lying. The truth is I believe the Holy Spirit moves in a way that draws people together for a reason. God interceeds to create relationships that we didn't know how desperately we needed. For Aubrey, Taylor, Poppy, and I, I 100% believe this was a movement of God.

Full disclosure this session was full of nerves! While the outcome is jaw-droppingly stunning, we had to really fight through some anxiety to make that happen. It was our first time meeting in person, my first time photographing an Instagram Influencer, they're first time doing couples portraits, some of their outfit choices we accidentally left at home so Aubrey had to borrow a random pair of my jeans, and our first session was rained out. Lots. Of. Pressure. Yet once we were in the moment, all that pressure and those insecurities faded away. I'll never forget the texts Aubrey sent me after our session about how she and Taylor both felt so comfortable in front of the camera and then after receiving her full gallery. I was HUMBLED by her words, but more so by how I could see we would be bonded for a long time to come:

"Jill. I don’t even have words. I remember being so overwhelmed with photography options when I first started looking that I literally just prayed about it one day this summer. I prayed we would find someone that was able to capture who we are, but I also knew how hard that would be for someone who had never met us before. you did EXACTLY that. you have such a gift and I am SO thankful I found you ♥️ these are pictures we will cherish FOREVER. holy cow. I wish I could hug you! you are amazing."

Since our engagement session, we've continued to cheer each other on, our dogs have become boyfriend & girlfriend, and most importantly have become steadfast prayer rocks for one another. I don't know where I'd be without incredible couples like Aubrey and Taylor. But I do know I can't wait for what's ahead for all of us.

Engagement Photo Pro Tip:

Plan your wedding day hair & make-up trial on the day of your engagement photo session. I’ve had a handful of brides-to-be, including Aubrey, do exactly this and the results DO NOT DISAPPOINT!! I want you feeling like a straight QUEEN the whole time we’re together and having a fresh face and cut or style can absolutely do this for ya. In my opinion, it’s one of the smartest uses of your trial.

Aubrey's Hair and Makeup: Maria Morris

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