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"Less Is More" An Elegant and Modern Micro Wedding in Kansas City at The Gatsby on Oak

Have you ever wondered what all could be documented during a 4-hour micro wedding? This blog is a perfect example to settle your curiosity.

Firstly what is a micro wedding? Even out of darkness there is light, enter the micro wedding! These intimate gatherings have gained tons of popularity thanks to the global pandemic, Covid-19. Micro weddings offer a great solution to couples wanting to celebrate their wedding but on a much smaller scale. A micro-wedding is defined as an intimate affair typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions such as getting ready, walking down the aisle, small wedding parties, saying “I Do”, and other traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale or condensed format. Micro weddings are an excellent middle ground for those considering an elopement but who still value having some traditions and a small guest count. Micro weddings are also an excellent option for those who value sticking to a budget. Having fewer guests, wedding party members, and overall expenses can obviously benefit the couple financially. Lastly, micro weddings can also offer you more flexibility in venue choice, unique dinner or drink options, give space for more personalized traditions, and overall allow you and your partner to prioritize what means most on your best day.

When it comes to photography and micro weddings, the good news is you can still have it all! Frankie and Lordis’ opted for a micro wedding at The Gatsby on Oak downtown Kansas City this past October. Their photography package with me allowed for just 4 hours of wedding photography coverage. In that time span we were able to capture:

  • Details

  • Getting Ready Moments

  • Private First Look and Vow Exchange

  • Bridesmaids Portraits (Individually and Group)

  • Groomsmen Portraits (Individually and Group)

  • Wedding Party Portraits

  • Ceremony

  • Family Portraits

  • Couples Portraits

  • Bridal Portraits

  • Reception Candids, Dancing, and Portraits

By scrolling this blog or reading this list, I bet you didn’t even realize it was possible to have all those moments captured in just 4 hours. But with the right team of vendors and timeline, anything is possible on your wedding day!

After their time with me at The Gatsby on Oak, the couple and their small guest count shared dinner together at the local Crossroads eatery, Farina. Frankie and Lordis’ wedding day is a true inspiration for a modern micro wedding. This wedding day was one of my favorites to be a part of this past fall because of how much intentionality went into spending quality time with those they cared for most instead of concerning themselves with the quantity of time. The old saying “less is more” couldn’t be more true with Frankie and Lordis’ best day.

Interracial Bride and Groom First Look at the Gatsby on Oak Micro Wedding

Black Bride and Bridesmaids in Rose Gold Dresses Downtown Kansas City

The Gatsby on Oak Wedding Venue

Interracial Bride and Groom Downtown Kansas City Micro Wedding