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Mini-Session Breakdown with Jill Caren Photo Part 1: Couples

This past fall, my mini sessions really started stacking up, and honestly, I was thrilled about it! From couples and families to pregnancy announcements and newborn sessions and of course plenty of mini-sessions full of pups! There really was not much I didn't photograph when it came to offering these mini-sessions. But I did notice, many clients seemed to have questions surrounding my mini-sessions before booking, so I've decided to write a two-part blog post diving into some of those main mini-session details. My hope is this post will not only inspire more people to inquire about mini-sessions but also answer questions for anyone who has already booked. Part one of this two-part series will tackle all things couples with examples of couples mini-sessions I captured over this past 2021 fall and 2022 winter season.

This blog is specifically addressing what is like to have a couples portrait mini-session with Jill Caren Photo. Whether that mini-session is set to be local to Kansas City or wherever across the globe, you can always expect the same level of commitment, intentionality, and fun heading into each session with Jill.

So What Is a Couples Portrait Mini-Session with Jill Caren Photo?

A couples portrait mini-session is a photography session intended for all couples in a condensed time frame. This session is appropriate for couples who are just dating, newly engaged, recently married, celebrating an anniversary, a milestone, a new home purchase, or something as simple as taking advantage of changing Midwestern seasons. Sometimes no reason at all is the best reason to hop in front of the camera and document what life looks like right now!

A mini-session with Jill Caren Photo is typically 30 to 45 minutes of coverage time at one location. During our time we'll capture candid moments, silly laughs, intimate embraces, and so much more! And last but not least, we will be sure to get a few varieties of quality images with everyone smiling at the camera or a true portrait. From a couple's mini-session you can typically expect 40 to 60 final images delivered back to you on an online gallery for downloading, in a mix of color images and black and white images. Intrigued by the concept of a couples mini-session with Jill Caren Photo? Keep reading to find out more details!

Where Can Couples Mini-Sessions with Jill Caren Photo Take Place?

The quick answer? ANYWHERE! Once your session is booked, I will send out my exclusive couples session guide to help with outfit inspiration, location ideas, activity suggestions, mood boards, and more. This guide is a huge help with thinking through details like "where" are we going to shoot. But in all honesty, anywhere is a serious answer! The couple above wanted their shoot to capture where they bought their first home together in the fall. Their photos have so much meaning to them because it's literally the street they live on! The couple below requested that I choose a location based on fall colors and its hidden gem qualities. For the third couple in this blog post, we shot their couples mini-session on their lake property in Illinois, and lastly, the final couple wanted their photos along the iconic North Avenue Beach downtown Chicago. As mentioned above, for mini-sessions I suggest choosing one location to allow for the best use of our time together.

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Couples Mini-Session with Jill Caren Photo?

Mini-sessions aren't only great for those on a time crunch or for those who don't love to be in front of the camera for long periods of time, but it's also great for budget-friendly couples! At the time of writing this post (March 2022), mini-sessions with Jill Caren Photo are only $350 when local to Kansas City and include your exclusive educational guide and session planning assistance, our shoot time, and your online gallery with all final high-resolution JPG images, personal printing rights, and download rights. Once your final gallery is delivered, you will also receive exclusive coupons or discount codes to your personal print shop connected to your online gallery. Booking is simple and only requires a signed portrait agreement, and finally, payment can be made on the day of your session.

Standard travel rates will apply if I am coming specifically to photograph your session. However, travel rates are waived if I'm already in the area!

Ready to discuss your photo dreams and book your couples mini-session today? Click Here to get in touch!

Why Should I Book a Mini-Session with Jill Caren Photo?

If these photos haven't convinced you already, I'm not sure what will! Lol all joking aside, whether you and your partner have something or nothing to celebrate but want to have this season of your relationship documented then you should book a session. My couple's mini-sessions are intended to be budget-friendly, not time-consuming, easy to plan and look forward to, feel natural and representative of who you are, and most importantly, are intended to meet you right where you are. This could be in your home, at your favorite place in the city, the park where you picnic or ride bikes, wherever and whatever this season of life looks like I'll capture it so you can look back on this time for years to come. These sessions are also an opportunity to highlight some of your favorite activities. My exclusive planning guide will no doubt inspire you and your partner on how to make your session unique and fun.

A couple's mini-session could be a great gift to your partner, an interesting date night idea, a way to celebrate a milestone, a reason to get dressed up or a reason to get dressed down. More than anything it's just a reason to have some super cute photos of the two of you that authentically tell your love story. These photos can then be used as prints hanging on your walls, memories living in photo books, and of course, images to be posted all over social media! We'll laugh, you'll snuggle, hold hands as you walk along a new or familiar path, you'll whisper sweet nothings, tell funny jokes, and remind each other of why they're your person. I think my favorite takeaway from a couple's mini-session is the intentional time to slow down and just be with your partner without any distractions. A time to be pure, raw, silly, romantic, in love, and just you.

There is seriously no wrong way to have your life documented in photographs. Have more questions? Or ready to book your couple's mini-session with Jill Caren Photo today? Click here to get started.

What's The Difference Between a Mini-Session and a Full Documentary Portrait Session?

The main differences between my two portrait session offerings are the overall coverage length, location options, outfit options, and photo delivery process. A full documentary portrait session on average will last 1.5 to 2 hours, during our session we will choose more than one shoot location to add variety and contrast to your final gallery, you and your partner can have various outfit changes to complement the locations, and when our time together is complete, you will recieve all your final images on both an online gallery as well as a keepsake flash drive. The cost associated with a full documentary portrait session starts at $550 and does not include any additional travel rates. This type of more in-depth session certainly has its place and is appropriate for many couples. For example, if you're needing a traditional engagement session because you're planning to elope or have a destination wedding. Or if you and your partner want to an in-home session and some photos of you two downtown. The options are endless but now you can easily weigh your options when considering booking your next session.

I hope this blog has answered all your initial couples portrait mini-session questions and is getting you excited to book your session soon! I cannot wait to capture your relationship just as it is.


Jill Caren Stuefer


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