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Beautiful Sapphire Point Elopement in Lake Dillon, Colorado

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I honestly couldn't think of a better time to get this elopement blog post up than now. With weddings right and left being affected by COIVD-19, couples are quickly being faced with decisions none of us would have ever imagined they'd have to make. There's no way around it so I'll just say it; Coronavirus SUCKS. None of us willingly would choose to be quarantined but yet here are trying to make the most of it. More of my thoughts on the subject can be found in my few latest Instagram posts. But for today I want to focus on highlighting what an intimate elopement can look like!

While yes, for now, we are confined to our homes, I'm hoping those limits are lifted sooner rather than later. But in the coming months, we still might see limitations on larger group gatherings. If this is the case, then Dylan and Miranda's wedding at the stunning Sapphire Point in Lake Dillion, Colorado might just give you the hope you're looking for. Dylan and Miranda had a small wedding party, invited only a few close friends and family members, and shared their vows in the heart of nature. They prioritized the intimacy of their ceremony over the party of their reception. I will note however they had a larger reception gathering a few weeks later back in Kansas City. But their vision and desire did not hinge on table linens or floral arrangements. Rather, all they wanted was to have a very low-key ceremony with their closest friends and family. The morning started at an Airbnb where the whole group was staying. They got ready together, shared gifts, letters, and first looks. The boys played pool while the girls enjoyed listening to throwback early 2000's pop jams. In the afternoon, Dylan found himself waiting to see his Bride on the banks of the crisp blue Lake Dillon. I'll never forget my ride with Miranda to see her groom. She laughed, told stories, felt nervous butterflies, and was calmed by listening to her and Dylan's favorite Jason Derulo song. Their first look was private, romantic, and absolutely breathtaking. Tears were shed, hugs were had, and joy was felt all around. We then drove up the mountain to Sapphire Point where their friends and family were waiting. They each cried and laughed through their own hand-written vows and said "I do" as we all cheered around them. The group celebrated with beers at a local brewery, Outer Range Brewing, and later returned to their ceremony spot for portraits and to watch the sunset over the mountains.

What I really loved about their wedding day was how much Dylan and Miranda valued the commitment they were making to each other. I still vividly remember the call I received when they told me they wanted to change their wedding to more of an elopement in Colorado. They both were becoming overwhelmed with all the details and quickly realized none of those details really mattered to them. What mattered most was the vows they would make each other, the knot they would tie together to signify the bond of their families and the group of people who joined them as honored witnesses.

2020 has been an interesting and uncertain year so far. But reflecting on wedding photography journies like this one, I find a restored sense of hope. I hope all couples can reshift their focus during this time at home and prioritize what means most to them. At the end of the day, your wedding is never about the colors, the decor, the style, the dress, etc. It's about the commitment of a lifetime you're promising to your spouse. It's the promise of through sickness and health, good times and bad, wealth and poverty, that you'll still remain planted by each other's sides. It doesn't matter if you choose to elope, postpone, or anything in between. So long as you keep the why at the center of your wedding day. I'll always encourage my couples to choose their marriage over their wedding day even if that means less for me. Because ultimately my heart is to play a small part in helping you remember one of the best days of your lives.

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