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Something Blue: Brian and Kylie's Romantic Wedding at The Everly in Kansas City

You know the old Victorian era wedding saying "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue". The sentiment behind carrying around these pieces on your wedding day is so that those pieces can embody "good luck charms" for a happy and successful marriage. When I think back to Brian and Kylie's September wedding day at the Everly located in the downtown Crossroads district of Kansas City, I can't help but think of this old traditional wedding saying but especially, something blue!

The couple planned some truly amazing moments throughout their wedding day, both traditional to suit the old saying and non-traditional to keep things fresh and modern. Kylie's girls stole the show in their stunning mismatching shades of blue, the hue continued to pop throughout the day, complementing their florals, their favors, their decor, and everything across their venue. But outside of Brian and Kylie's many shades of something blue and moments of wedding planning trendiness, I more so remember the things that were unplanned.

Some of those unplanned moments include gifts to one another, emotional first looks, tear-jerking letters read aloud, and gifts to and from family members. When I think of this old saying, what sticks out the most from this couples wedding day is a handwritten note card attached to a gifted anklet from Kylie's mom that read:

"Something Old: Grammies diamonds.

Something New: So many things! Your dress, your ring, your new name...

Something Borrowed: The diamond that dad gave to me when he proposed.

Something Blue: The stones in this anklet.

Now you're set!"

Kylie wore these stones proudly and I'm sure will cherish these family heirlooms given to her in the form of "good luck charms" forever. Kylie also was surprised by a poster gift from Brian which illustrated how the planets would be aligned on their wedding day, along with a letter and a stunning diamond necklace. Kylie wasn't the only one to be surprised though, she also gave her fair share of surprises! She gifted her groom a vinyl record of their wedding day playlist along with a letter full of promises as she enters into her role as a wife. She gifted her mother and mother-in-law-to-be framed sayings as her role as a daughter and gifted her father a photo embroidered necktie during their extremely emotional first look.

All of this to say, you can spend all the time and money in the world planning your wedding day perfectly. All the trends, all the traditions, hire all the right vendors and have it at the perfect place, but when it comes down to it sometimes the best moments are the ones you don't expect and you didn't plan for. Take a deep breath and leave room for your day to unfold naturally and beautifully, I promise you will not regret it!

Truly Brian and Kylie's day was a gift to be a part of and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have witnessed the planned and the unplanned, the new and the old, and most certainly the borrowed and the blue.