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Summer Engagement Photo Ideas to Beat the Heat!

Friends, we did it. We finally made it to summer here in Kansas City! So long to the snow and rain, hello to heat and humidity! But of course, with summer, comes the need to get creative with couples and engagement photo sessions. One of the best ideas to beat the Midwestern summer heat is to move part of your engagement or couples sessions indoors!

Zach and Nicole are perfect examples of how to rock your in-home couples or engagement session. We started their session at Nicole's first home just a few weeks before they moved. Starting our session indoors allowed for the couple to be comfortable in the AC, wear casual outfits such as jeans even though it was warm outside, include their pup without needing a handler or needing to bring her out into the heat, and of course, allowing for all the snuggly and close pics without sweating all of one another. In-home engagement or couples sessions are extra special in the way they create a safe space for couples to be vulnerable and the truest versions of themselves. There's no audience watching, no other couples vying for your spot, there are no outside influences, it's just you and your partner in your safe space. A space where you can listen to music, be barefoot, drink a cocktail, dance, and be silly, a space that you both call home. As a result, the photos and moments captured are raw and genuine. They're perfectly imperfect and such an honest reflection of who that couple is. But the photoshoot goodness doesn't stop there! Most of my couples choose two locations for their engagement or couples sessions. Both locations are typically different to give contrast and to show off all the sides of the couple. For Zach and Nicole's second location, we hit up a Kansas City classic later in the evening, closer to sunset, The Nelson Atkins Art Museum. This location gave us architecture, variety, shade, nature, and fabulous lighting. But most importantly we were able to utilize this location and the best it has to offer because we used it as a second stop after being indoors.

If you're looking for a way to beat the heat for your summer engagement or couples photos, you might want to consider in-home as your first location as well! Don't feel like your home is a good fit for an in-home photoshoot? I promise you it probably is!! But still, on the chance, you're not feeling super confident about using your space, consider renting an Airbnb, or a different indoor venue such as a bar, hotel lobby, brewery, coffee shop, or ice cream shop. If you're willing to be a little creative, the ideas are endless for beating the summer heat!


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