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A Retro Vintage Car Engagement Session in Kansas City

Wow. What more can I say than just, wow. This might be one of my favorite sessions to date! I mean Kathleen and Alain totally understood the assignment! In the early phases of planning their engagement session, Kathleen brought me her vision. She had seen a viral TikTok video of a couples session with a vintage car and immediately knew she wanted to put her own spin on this idea. Kathleen emailed me the video and told me they had access to an incredibly retro, vintage, goldeny goodness of a car for their session and I was instantly on board. I started brainstorming Kansas City location ideas, and wardrobe inspiration, saved ideas to mood boards, and ultimately together Kathleen, Alain, and I created quite the vibe.

We started their session VERY casual at one of their favorite local dive bars in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. We sipped on some craft beers and really just got to know each other before the session even started. After our tabs were paid, we wandered the streets and alleys of the Crossroads, soaking up some early spring sunlight and creating some adorable memories in the process. These photos were the perfect way to start our session, allowing the couple to really get comfortable with me and the camera before pulling out all the stops for our 2nd location!

The photos speak for themselves honestly; steamy, romantic, vibey, intimate, trendy, unique, golden hour at its finest! Like I said, one of my favorite sessions to date! Why Though? Because this session was completely the vision of the couple. These photos aren't just beautiful, but they're a representation of what they love and how they love each other.

Do you have an idea of how to make your couple or engagement session unique to you and your partner? LET'S DO IT! Nothing gets me more excited than capturing couples right where they are, wherever, and whatever that means to them.

Need a few ideas on how to make your next couple or engagement session unique? Book your session with Jill Caren Photo and get your exclusive couples session planning guide for all the inspiration!