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Your Complimentary Engagement Session with Jill Caren Photo Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions I get during a consultation call when clients are almost ready to book is "what does a local complimentary engagement session include?" So today I'm going to break it down for us in 5 easy highlights!

  1. Local + Locations

When you book your wedding photography package with me you receive a complimentary local engagement session as part of your package, pretty cool right?! The only caveat to this is the session must be photographed in the greater Kansas City area, if you don't live in Kansas City, I still offer the engagement session however travel fees will also apply when traveling to you.

All of my complimentary engagement sessions are allowed to choose up to 3 shoot locations, so long as they make sense logistically. If you want nature vibes as well as a great downtown cityscape we can do both! But for example, I would not recommend choosing Shawnee Mission Park or Burr Oaks while also trying to squeeze in Downtown KC, we would ultimately spend much of our session in the car driving from one destination to the next. But I would instead recommend Loose Park and Downtown Kansas City! If you also wanted to throw in your favorite local cocktail bar, rooftop, taco shop, etc. we can also try to squeeze these in. When discussing and brainstorming locations together I am more than happy to suggest locations that are within a good distance of one another to achieve the looks you're dreaming up.

2. Outfits + Vibes

Yes, you can bring multiple outfits! Most couples choose 2 looks for their session, typically a formal or dressier look and then a more casual or dressed down look. I LOVE to help recommend outfit choices, I've even built a Pinterest board just for you and your partner here. My exclusive "How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photos" guide also has visual mood boards created just for you everything from tops and bottoms, shoes, accessories, and more! Bonus tip: choosing items like layers, hats, accessories can easily change up a look without requiring an entire wardrobe change.

My main goal when photographing this precious season of your lives is to accurately and authentically represent your very unique love! So I encourage everyone to think about what outfits, locations, vibes, props, etc. truly represent them. Are you and your partner more casual people? Maybe you love craft beer and a brewery with jeans and a sweater is your vibe, maybe you're homebodies who would love to have a cozy in-home session while making each other a great cup of coffee, maybe you are into getting dressed up and hitting a swanky cocktail bar - you cannot go wrong if you are being yourselves! And that authentic feeling absolutely comes through in your photos.

3. When and How Long

Typically most of my complimentary engagements sessions are scheduled for weeknights about 1.5 - 2 hours before sunset when that light is just right. Weekends are usually booked up with weddings but if your schedules prevent you from being able to schedule a weeknight, we can at times look to schedule on Sundays.

Our sessions are usually around that 1.5 hours in length from start to finish, if there are lots of location changes or additional variables like pets I will recommend a longer session time. Typically an hour and a half is more than enough time to get lots of incredible shots, make the most of our light, change locations and outfits. On average for a session that is around 1.5 hours of shoot time, you and your partner can expect 100 - 125 final images!

4. To Bring Pets or Not to Bring Pets

Your pets are ABSOLUTELY welcome to join us for your session! I do have a few crucial recommendations on how to make the experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your partner and your pet. These recommendations will be found in my exclusive "How To Make the Most of Your Engagement Session" Guide! This guide is only sent to clients once they have booked their session or wedding with me. The extra perks of being a Jill Caren Photo couple!

5. What Happens After Your Session

After your session, you can expect to receive a handful of beautiful sneak peeks within 24 - 48 hours after your session is complete. I love to use these sneak peeks to share on social media making sure to tag you and your partner, giving you all the hype! You're welcome and encouraged to share these beautiful moments with all your friends, family, and followers! Your full online gallery will be emailed to you in 4 - 6 weeks after your session with full rights to download, share, print, and more. You'll also receive exclusive print shop discounts built within your gallery.

And there you have it! The 5 major highlights of what your complimentary engagement session includes and how truly amazing this time can be. I love offering these sessions because more than anything it gives you and your partner the opportunity to build a solid relationship with me (your favorite Kansas City wedding photographer) before the big day. Once your wedding day does arrive, you're already that much more comfortable with not only me but being in front of the camera which is a huge win in many people's opinions. So no more dragging those feet! Book your wedding with me today and receive your complimentary engagement session!

Check out Zach and Genna's session below for inspiration on outfits, locations like Loose Park and the Liberty Memorial, bringing your pups, and more!

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