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Patrick and Sara, a Kansas City Micro Wedding at The Simpson House

COVID-19 has rocked the wedding industry. Not just here in Kansas City but truly worldwide. Many of us wedding professionals are facing some of the most challenging and unprecedented moments of our careers. Daily, we are fielding questions of "what should we do" and honestly none of us have the right answers. The best we can all do is empathize with each of our couples. Say heartfelt things like "I'm sorry this is happening, honestly, it sucks" allow our couples to grieve and be angry with the situation. When people are ready to evaluate how to move forward our next crucial role as a wedding professional is to simply remain flexible. No, your wedding day probably will not be what you originally pictured, but that doesn't mean it still can't be dreamy. And no, not all the people you invited will probably attend, but that doesn't mean it can't still be special. There's an incredible amount of room for flexibility and innovation in these challenging times and that is what we should be encouraging all couples to see.

Patrick and Sara are the perfect examples of what a small, micro wedding can look like. Less than 30 people in attendance, still a venue, a dress, lots of flowers, a meal, a ceremony, a cake, a send-off, and more; all captured in less than 6 hours. They were determined not to let COVID completely derail their wedding day. They shifted to meet new guidance, they provided safety measures as favors, they ensured their guest's health and safety were a top priority but ultimately still had a beautiful wedding day. We shifted to meet the world where it is and made their wedding day at The Simpson House so memorable because of it.

My hope through blogging and sharing these covid wedding stories is for more couples to see the power in your decisions. Yes, you can post-pone until there is a vaccine, until things calm down, until more of your relatives can attend etc. and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that decision. But please also know you have options. Please reach out to your vendors and discuss your options. Let's get creative! Let us as your trusted vendor serve you in the way we should. Want a cliffside vow reading now and a party later? Cool lets do it! Want to downsize to your closest friends and family for a backyard night of food and dancing? Count me in! Want to say "I Do" to your spouse on a bridge as the sunsets over your city? Yep, I'll be there. Whatever your dream is, let's take back the power in our decisions. It's your day, you should have it your way.

Patrick and Sara's way was to have an outdoor ceremony under an old tree with their closest friends and family. She wanted to wear her dress, have all the flowers, listen to her favorite music, and get ready with her mom. They had priorities and we made them happen. It was small and perfect but most importantly, it was theirs.

To say I am here for all the micro weddings, small ceremonies, intimate elopements, destination elopements, whatever you want to call your special day, is an understatement. Each wedding I have the privilege of documenting right now only makes me more excited about our future. I hope small and intentional wedding days aren't just a quick fix, but more a lasting impression that helps us to prioritize the reason of the day. My heart has always been for a marriage more beautiful and lasting than a wedding day. So yeah, I'm here for it.



Floral and Coordination - Hitched in KC

Dress - Belle Vogue

Menswear - Todd's Clothiers

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